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Brooke Etter, lifeofetter Founder | Photo: Twin Spire Photography

Sweet Chat: Brooke Etter, lifeofetter Founder

Each Thursday this month, we'll feature a local influencer living the sweet life in Cincinnati. We'll learn more about what they do, what they cover, and why you might want to be following along. Thanks to Gigi's Cupcakes in Kenwood for hosting!

She's a sonographer by day, a motherhood influencer by night, and a mom of four littles everywhere in between. Brooke Etter, the founder of lifeofetter, has such an interesting life story and we couldn't wait to hear and share details. We sat down with her (over some yummy Gigi's Cupcakes and coffee - so good!) to learn more about this mama on a mission to share lots of motherhood insight.

Cincinnati Refined: Tell us a bit about your non-work life (family, hobbies, fun facts, etc)

Brooke Etter: I’m Brooke, a mom of three girls and fostering a newborn baby boy. I married my best friend four years ago! I was born in Japan to military based parents and my favorite sport is hockey!

CR: Tell me about your career path and what led to where you are today.

Etter: When I was 20, I had a late term miscarriage and I remember everything about the experience being horrible, except the woman who informed me I was miscarrying. My sonographer (ultrasound) gave me the worst news of my life, in the gentlest way. I remember thinking “I want to be her” so I pursued diagnostic medical sonographer when I moved back home to Ohio!

CR: Tell me about your influencer outlet.

Etter: I am so an accidental “influencer”. I began by sharing my favorite small shops and babe fashion. I have slowly grown my outlet to reflect my struggles as a mama. I believe in being transparent and honest about mental Health and challenges we face as mamas and human beings! I have an incredible group of strong women in my following and I’m so thankful for the friendships I have made.

CR: In your opinion, what makes your outlet unique?

Etter: I believe my outlet is unique because I do touch on those tough topics that I can empathize with, share my personal experiences, and help others not feel so alone in them. Miscarriages, sexual assault, being a working mom, fostering, and so much more.

CR: What do you love most about what you do?

Etter: I love connecting with others, whether it be virtually through my social media or in person through my work. I love being able to have genuine connections!

CR: What’s next on the horizon for you?

Etter: Next, I am actually growing my own small shop and working from home more so I can be with my kids. We are also fostering a baby boy who is only two months old! About three months ago, I decided I was done having babies. Juniper's pregnancy and labor was very traumatic for me and I had decided, as much as I love babies, biological kiddos were through for me. We discussed fostering, one day. Once the girls were in middle school and we had a little more time to focus on a sweet babe. Well, "one day" came even sooner than we could have expected. This sweet boy is so little and I still cannot believe we get to be his temporary home. Click here to read more about him and his journey to us.

CR: And, last but not least, what's your favorite Gigi's Cupcake flavor and why?

Etter: My personal favorite was the Hot Fudge Sundae, Isabella's (6) was “anything chocolate”, while Juniper's (18mo) was anything at all.