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Game On Fitness is an intimate studio with the best personal trainers, fitness coaches, and dieticians ready to help you reach your goals / Published: 5.25.2021

Shake Up Your Workouts at Game On! Fitness

When it comes to working out, how great would it be to get more results without actually increasing your effort or time spent. Just a pipe dream, right?

That's what Amy Smith, owner of Game On! Fitness in Montgomery thought when she first heard about Vibration Plate fitness, which promises all that and more. After looking into it and visiting fitness studios in California where the trend is taking off, she knew she wanted to bring it to Cincinnati.

But then the pandemic hit and the world shut down. Smith took the pause as an opportunity to rebrand and relocate to a new space that allowed for her to add Vibration Plate fitness to her lineup of TRX, Indo-Row, Yoga, Pilates and Barre, and personal training classes.

Smith, who was an elementary teacher in her former life, has been teaching fitness classes for more than 20 years. She started Game On! Fitness seven years ago - originally located in Sharonville and now located in Montgomery near Woodhouse Day Spa and Napa Kitchen & Bar.

The Montgomery location officially just opened May 1, and now offers a full range of classes, including the new XCLPLATE Vibration Training classes.

The way it works is pretty genius. Vibration plate fitness uses G-Force to send vibrations (as strong as you want them to be) through your body as you workout on the plate. It's definitely a deal you can't pass up!

When you do a plate workout, you'll stand on a vibrating plate or platform during your workout. From there, you can do activities as simple as standing, or you can get a little more complex by using resistance bands, dumbbells, TRX straps, or kettlebells to really increase your results.

And since the plates are repeatedly activating your muscles, oxygen delivery to the muscles increases while also helping your lymph system flush out waste products. Then, the motion of the vibrations puts tiny stressors on your skeletal system and tells your body to activate bone growth cells and increase HGH, which helps improve bone density, muscle formation, and the loss of belly fat (the bad kind of fat).

The workout is safe, has helped to improve my balance, and it's quick, too!

There are a variety of plate classes currently being offered at Game On! Fitness like TRX + Plate, Weights + Plate, Buns & Bands on the Plate, and so many more.

You get a super effective AND efficient workout in just 30 minutes - which is PERFECT for busy moms and those of you who have a super hectic lifestyle.

Be sure to check out the schedule of classes - and sign up for one - here. Learn more about Game On! Fitness here.