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Curated Goods & Stories for Your Life / Image courtesy of Seven Hills Outfitters // Published: 5.7.2021
Curated Goods & Stories for Your Life / Image courtesy of Seven Hills Outfitters // Published: 5.7.2021
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Seven Hills Outfitters Celebrates Outdoors, Shopping Local, Cincinnati History

Seven Hills Outfitters isn't a business that just wants to fit you for the outdoors, they also want to honor the history of Cincinnati and all that it has to offer.

"Cincinnati has such a rich history, not only in sports, culture, and music, but also in business and commerce," says Joey O'Gara, Chief Operating Officer at Seven Hills Outfitters. "Our name 'Seven Hills Outfitters' is even inspired by one of Cincinnati's beloved nicknames, 'The City of Seven Hills.' We want to pay homage to that history and bring it to mindful consumers with the same thought and care that early Cincinnatians did with their businesses."

At Seven Hills Outfitters, you’ll find that this new brand is an e-commerce lifestyle brand based out of the city. They're decided to the outdoors, active lifestyles, and everything that compliments it.

O'Gara says that when the team was researching the outdoor industry, they found a gap they felt needed to be filled, and that’s where Seven Hills Outfitters came in.

"We are excited to begin this new venture by highlighting brands for the outdoors and active lifestyles that focus on the Midwest," he says. "Not only that, but we feel we have a strong, eager team heading this up. We hope that customers will appreciate the thought and attention that we're putting into our curation of brands and products while supporting small businesses. Our hope is that the products we offer get more families outside."

To encourage a love for the outdoors, Seven Hills Outfitters focuses on these pillars:

  • Focusing on American brands
  • Promoting small businesses
  • Providing unique imports
  • Championing brand stories

As the business grows, Dustin Wallace who serves at the Head of Growth, says Seven Hills Outfitters plans to continually add more brands that fit one or more of these pillars. “And we’re always excited to talk to new suppliers,” he adds.

Some brands they currently work with include: Baby Fire Pits, Craft and Lore, French Girl Organics, Gentleman Farmer, Fox River Socks, Life+Gear, Solo Stove, Bent Fine Jewelry, Straight Grain Supply, and many more.

In a post-COVID world where we’re encouraged to stay away from others, a time of self-reflection and reconnecting with nature has been huge. And it’s something that the team at Seven Hills Outfitters has taken notice to.

“One major thing that we have seen since early 2020 is that people are reconnecting with the outdoors,” says Brand and Media Associate Robert Faxon. “ It doesn’t matter if you live in the city, the suburbs, or the countryside, we want to help people on that journey. At Seven Hills, we’re curating all kinds of products for the outdoors; apparel, axes, fire pits, tools but we know that the active lifestyle needs more than that. That’s why we’re also carrying grooming and self-care items, coffee, jewelry, and other accessories that compliment those that find sanctuary outdoors.”

And with a business that is focused on the history of the city it originated in, Seven Hills Outfitters has recently launched the “Hometown Love Project.” This project provides drop-shipping apparel fundraisers for local schools, teams, and organizations in the Greater Cincinnati area.

To learn more about Seven Hills Outfitters, visit here. They’re also on Facebook and Instagram.