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The Erdmann Group at Guaranteed Rate aims to make home buying easy, personalized and fun. / Image: Twin Spire Photography

Revolutionizing life's biggest purchase at The Erdmann Group

The decision to purchase a home can be daunting, but The Erdmann Group at Guaranteed Rate aims to make it easy, personalized, and fun. Yes, it's possible to actually have fun during the mortgage process.

"We know that choosing a mortgage is one of the biggest financial decisions of your life," says Business Development Coordinator Kelly Maglocci. "We're committed to making your mortgage loan process seamless, friendly, and as financially smart for you as possible."

The Erdmann Group can also help you stay competitive in the market with services like their Power Bid option.

"Through a Power Bid, we are able to get all of the paperwork out of the way ahead of time by verifying income and everything else, which would get a house under contract faster and give sellers a 10-day closing once an offer is accepted," says Ron Erdmann, founder of the Cincinnati-based Erdmann Group at Guaranteed Rate.

Erdmann says that by doing everything up front, they're verifying with the seller that the loan can close and it can close on time.

"Those are some of the biggest perks of a cash offer, so this helps a financed offer compete on that level, too," Erdmann says.

The Erdmann Group offers a faster, digital closing option called FlashClose, as well. "The huge stack of closing documents you need to sign by hand can be tedious and time-consuming," Maglocci says. "Thanks to FlashClose, you sign most of your documents electronically and the closing takes just just a few minutes, but you have experienced team ready to help every step of the way."

The Erdmann Group works with a variety of clients, from first-time homebuyers to those purchasing second homes and investment properties, giving buyers peace of mind in knowing what to expect from a lender who has connections with more than 30 banks to deliver the best rates possible.

"Banks and lenders either pick product, price, or service as their single flagship offering," Maglocci says.

"Our setup is the only one in town that allows for all three."

But above all, Maglocci adds, customer service is top priority at The Erdmann Group.

"We take a lot of pride when a client selects us to walk through this big step in life, so we put a lot of effort and thought into showing our gratitude," Maglocci says.

She says they enjoy sending personalized thank you gifts after each closing, and host several client events throughout the year.

"We love saying 'thank you' in meaningful ways and staying in contact with clients long after closings are complete," she adds. "We're a local business that's been built one happy client at a time over 17 years. Some clients who bought their first home with us, we've seen them evolve, grow families and start new chapters -- it's an honor to be there each step of the way."

To learn more about Ron Erdmann, NMLS 728342, RegionalManager and SVP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Rate, visit here. You can also contact him via email at or call (513) 609-4484.

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