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Oyler Hines of Coldwell Banker Realty is a highly specialized team with expertise in resale, new construction, and exceptional customer service. / Photo: Provided by Oyler Hines

Oyler Hines is Cincinnati's Top Team for New Construction, and We Found Out Why

When it comes to building a new home, the Oyler Hines Group of Coldwell Banker Realty knows the ins and outs, ups and downs, and everything in between.

They've been recognized as the number one New Construction Sales Team by the Greater Cincinnati Home Builders Association every year since 2016, and it's for good reason. "We're able to offer clients access to more new homes and lot opportunities than anyone around," says Mike Hines, Co-Founder of the Oyler Hines Group. "This is thanks to our new construction team, which includes a land acquisition specialist and having experience with almost every builder in Cincinnati."

There are several specific ways that the Oyler Hines Group can help you when it comes to building your own home.

Lot Research, Sourcing

First and foremost, they have a secret weapon when it comes to acquiring the perfect piece of land for your dream home: Bill Hines, Land Director aka "Land Man" at the Oyler Hines Group.

"Bill Hines has 44 years of experience in real estate and developed more than 1,000 lots, including 8 Homearama communities over the years," says Mike. "He's one of the most respected land developers and consultants in town."

Bill got his start with larger projects like TPC at River's Bend, and now, he's able to bring that experience to the Oyler Hines Group of Coldwell Banker. Today, you can usually find him driving around the region looking at properties, talking with people in the know, and giving his team important insight.

"When I was doing larger land development, we would go out searching for larger sites using our knowledge of topography, zoning, and utilities," he explains. "I can take that knowledge to find lots and land opportunities for our buyers and builders."

Mike says this experience and these connections translate to the best response time in town. "The research and work Bill does is something that typically takes a week, but with his skills and knowledge, it often only takes him a day or two to assess a property," he adds. "Which is a good thing, because sometimes properties can come and go in a day."

According to Mike, Bill's vast knowledge also helps with negotiating for their clients. “If you want to build in Montgomery, for example, I know what the available lots look like, what lot prices are starting at, and what builds are starting at,” adds Bill. "So you go in getting the best price for the land, and then our team leverages existing relationships with our builders, vendors, suppliers and contractors for the best deal possible from every angle."

And if you didn’t realize by now, Bill is Mike’s Dad. It’s a family affair at the Oyler Hines Group.

But we all know that building isn’t just about the lot. When building a new home, there can be a plethora of obstacles and unexpected issues, especially now with supply chain delays, skyrocketing material prices, and labor shortages. "Our team combats that by offering the most comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the construction market," says Mike. "Our clients have the opportunity to leverage our knowledge to avoid the typical pitfalls."

Because the Oyler Hines Group has been a part of dozens and dozens of new homes in the area, they’ve worked with most builders in Cincinnati and Kentucky in one way or another. They are able to help their clients find and select the builder that best suits what they’re looking for. "Behind lot selection, this is the biggest decision you’ll make," Mike says. "We equip you with insight on the best builder options for you so you can make an informed decision."

When it comes down to it, they can handle the building process from soup to nuts. "We speak the builder’s language and with our understanding of lots, floor plans, spec sheets, engineering drawings, warranties and walk-throughs, etc, we can alleviate the stress during the building of your new home", Mike explains.

If you’re considering a new build, give them a call to try them out! Mike and Bill from the Oyler Hines Group focuses throughout the I-71 corridor area, downtown to I-275, even into Kentucky. You’ll often find them in Hyde Park, Oakley, Mt. Lookout, Montgomery, Madeira, Indian Hill. But no matter where you wish to build in Greater Cincinnati, they have the connections, knowledge, and expertise to help you find the lot, builder, and design to suit your needs.

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