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Ohio-based Tandem, the only free network for families to find child care, is launching in Cincinnati August 1st

Ohio Women Launch Free Marketplace for Childcare, Pet-Sitting, Housework in Cincinnati

Need a last-minute sitter? Want some extra helping hands around the house? Fido need a friend while you're away?

Ohio-based Tandem, the only free network for families to find child care, is expanding to the Tri-State. Launching August 1 in Cincinnati, Tandem allows families to find and hire qualified babysitters, nannies, tutors, pet sitters, and house cleaners in the area.

The best part? There's no membership fee or charge to use the platform, you decide the rate you'd like to offer the service provider, and 100% of what you pay goes to them.

"Families, businesses, and local care providers can take advantage of these services at no cost," says Olivia Weinstock, Founder and CEO of Tandem. "There are absolutely no fees or subscriptions required to use Tandem, making it the only free platform to offer these services in the marketplace."

The inspiration for Tandem comes from the network Weinstock built at the ripe age of 10, when she started a neighborhood camp for kids in her hometown of Columbus, OH. Over the years, she built relationships with nearby families who she babysat for and inspired her to help in establishing a network for others to use and connect through. The site allows families to post their specific care or household needs, and offers a large pool of qualified candidates to choose from.

"We're on a mission to connect as many people as possible with trust as the foundation and without any fees," she says. "In fact, we're the only care site doing it this way. We're still a young company, but we've built a female-run team of 16 and we're working every day to build a platform to help people in need of reliable care and household services."

And those who provide care can utilize Tandem in searching for gig-based jobs as well as positions that help them in meeting their desired pay rate, schedule, and qualifications. As the nationwide employment shortages continue, Tandem is also beneficial to business owners looking to fill last-minute positions.

The platform allows its users to build a reputation through engagement, profile building, and communication with families. It's the profile-building tools and review system that helps providers get booked more, while also providing peace of mind to families as they choose providers and develop these relationships built on trust.

“We connect families with vetted, qualified care providers,” she says. “All Tandem caregivers complete a background check and it must be returned with zero flags before they get hired for their first job. Providers are encouraged to create a comprehensive profile, where families can view their prior experience, references, and reviews from local families.”

The network even allows families to search for providers who have undergone safety training such as CPR or First Aid certification or who have experience with education or special needs child care.

And no more awkward price negotiating or digging to find cash to give your sitter. Tandem has a streamlined payment system, which gives families the ability to pay and track their spending with the network through TandemPay. “TandemPay is a built-in, comprehensive payment system that benefits families and providers,” says Weinstock. “By wrapping the payment process into our platform, our users have the tools to handle every step of the care process. TandemPay uses secure technology and does not charge users any fees. Tandem acts as a bank for care providers’ earnings, allowing the process to remain fee-free for families and providers.”

With its expansion to Cincinnati, Tandem is now available in three Ohio cities: Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. To learn more about Tandem or to join the network, visit here.