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Local experts share new trends in kitchen and bath design

Local Experts Share new Trends in Kitchen, Bath Design

Does the thought of home improvement projects stress you out? Worry no more with Wiseway Supply, the lighting and plumbing experts with the only Kohler Premier Showroom in the region.

"We can help you find the best features and products that fit your specific needs and style," says Wiseway Sales Consultant Jessica Brown. "One of our more unique products is digital showering - and it's truly an experience."

Brown says digital showering gives you the ability to run multiple shower faucets at the same time - like showerheads, handshowers, body sprays, and even steam.

"The possibilities for customization are endless and it's built to give you a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home," she says.

Fancy showering isn’t the only trend taking over the bathroom. Brown says that many homeowners are opting for a “less is more” approach and turning to wet rooms.

“We’re seeing customers prefer freestanding tubs in their showers, giving them a seamless, walk-in space that allows them to choose between the bathtub and shower in one room,” she adds.

If you’re focused on projects in the kitchen, Wiseway Supply offers a voice-activated faucet. According to Brown, Alexa can live in your faucet and even do your measuring for you, allowing you to request any amount of water from two teaspoons to 15 gallons, at a 100 degree Fahrenheit, nonetheless. Other faucet options at Wiseway Supply include touchless faucets, which have really taken off since COVID as they involve less cleaning and all-around less germs since dirty hands aren’t touching them.

Not only does Wiseway Supply offer the latest in-home technology for your kitchen and bathroom, they also stay on top of the latest trends. One of those trends Brown says they still see plenty of in the showroom is farmhouse sinks.

“They’re not going out of style any time soon,” she says. “We offer a modern, Kohler cast iron sink that doesn’t chip, crack, or burn.”

When you go to Wiseway Supply for your project needs, you’ll have the luxury of actually getting to touch the items you’ll be ordering, so you’ll know what they’re going to feel and look like in real life, as opposed to only seeing what they look like online.

“You can come to our showroom and hold the faucets in your hand and really get a feel for the construction of them,” adds Brown.

The process for working with Wiseway Supply really is like hitting the “easy” button. Consultations are free, and you can even go online and create a wish list so you already know what you want to look at before you even step foot in the showroom.

To learn more about Wiseway Supply, schedule your consultation, or to create a wish list, visit