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When you dine with The At Home Chef, there's no work for you. Durbin's team does all of the menu prep, shopping, cooking and even cleaning. / Image: Twin Spire Photography

Local Chef Helps You Host a Dinner Party Without the Work

What's the best meal you've ever had at home? That might be a tough question to answer, unless you've had a dinner party with The At Home Chef.

"My goal is to create the best meal you'll ever have at home, and create memories that last a lifetime," says Founder and Chef Ken Durbin.

When you dine with The At Home Chef, there's no work for you. Durbin's team does all of the menu prep, shopping, cooking, and even cleaning.

"All you have to do is set your table and we'll do the rest, including expertly cleaning your kitchen and taking out the trash when we leave," Durbin says. "It's like we were never there, the only things that remain after your dinner party are the memories made."

To give us a taste of the epicurean experiences he creates for clients, he shows us a few ready-for-fall seasonal dishes in the video above. Not only does Chef Ken create unique dishes for every dinner party, but he also sources most of his ingredients from local farms and businesses.

Today’s featured appetizer is a bruschetta, but with a twist, as the salad features unique ingredients like mint, basil pesto, goat cheese, and grilled peaches. Then, the main course gets even more unique with ingredients like roasted red peppers and chestnut mushrooms! Mouth watering yet?

“A lot of the items, if not all of them, are bought locally,” he says. “I go to Findlay Market as well as ETC Produce and Provisions. ETC sources from 150 different farms locally, so it’s really a one-stop shop if you want to buy seasonal items.”

Durbin says he also visits Urban Stead, an urban cheese company based in Cincinnati. “From there, I love buying Quark, it’s a cream cheese substitute, so you can even source products like this right here in the Tri-State,” he adds.

When you dine with The At Home Chef, you’re getting a custom, in-home dining experience that introduces you to new and creative ingredients and dishes. “I never repeat a menu,” says Durbin. “After 7.5 years, every menu is unique to the client and what they want in their dinner party.”

Durbin says they also accommodate any dietary restrictions. “Not only do we create this meal in your home, but we clean your entire kitchen for you so that we can provide a space for you to sit down, converse, catch-up with loved ones, put the phones down, and really enjoy the company of each other,” he says.

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