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Craft custom menus for in-home, intimate dining experiences. The At Home Chef hand-select every detail of your event, and use local products, sustainable practices, and decades of experience to prepare and serve an exquisitely unique dining experience. / Image: Twin Spire Photography // Published: 8.25.2021

Local Chef Answers Seven Savory Questions

Chef Ken Durbin is the owner and founder of The At Home Chef. They create custom in-home dining experiences across the Tri-State from dinner parties to date nights. Voted Best Private Chef in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, The At Home Chef does all of the menu prep, shopping, cooking and even cleaning! Click here to see our recent review. Learn more by visiting here.

Cincinnati Refined: When did you decide to be a professional chef?

Chef Ken Durbin: As a kid, I always loved being in the kitchen, and I have always loved being creative with food. The big decision didn’t happen until I was 36 years old. That is when I left a desk job, to pursue my dream. I don't regret that choice at all.

CR: Other than cooking, what's something you enjoy doing?

Durbin: I really enjoy exercising. In the last year, I have dropped over 80lbs by falling in love with things I found were too difficult to do. With this newfound love, I have built a healthy lifestyle that has completely changed my life around personally and professionally. I share more behind the scenes of my health journey on my social media, along with a lot of food posts so it's a good balance - haha! You can follow on Facebook or Instagram if you're interested.

CR: What are some of your favorite restaurants right now?

Durbin: Well, you can't go wrong with Jeff Ruby's Precinct. They are the definition of consistency in quality and service in the restaurant industry. I also love Khora downtown; I can’t go wrong with the lineup of all-star chefs at the helm there.

CR: None of your menus are ever the same. Where do you draw new inspiration?

Durbin: Usually, I draw inspiration from each client. I ask them to create a kind menu of items they would love to experience in their home. I ask them to draw on past dining memories to see if I can recreate that for them.

CR: You're a professional chef - your kitchen must be out of this world - tell us about it.

Durbin: Haha, no, not all. It’s your average kitchen that has seen its fair share of food roll out of it. It is not about how big the kitchen is; it’s about the love and community you can create from it.

CR: What's your favorite dish to make?

Durbin: Well, my favorite dishes and the ones that get to create a memory for a client. The plate is just an instrument that produces the smile and the memories. With that said, I love to cook a dish that takes all day to make. Spending the day in the kitchen is home for me.

CR: With your business, what does success look like to you?

Durbin: Success for me is the constant pursuit of my potential as a chef and business owner. Every day I am looking for ways to learn and develop my skills to make sure I can provide the best experience to my clients and employees. Success is not achieved; it’s pursued.