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Here's a great gift idea for any kiddos on your "nice list"! COSI Connects Kits are 11 themed STEM learning kits with a week’s worth of science experiments that make learning fun! / Image: COSI

Give the gift of science with COSI Connects Kits

Have a future scientist in your family? Want more fun, hand-on activities for your kids? Looking to gift more experiences this year?

Check out COSI Connects Kits! These STEM learning kits, which contain a week's worth of science experiments you can do at home, are like COSI arriving on your doorstep.

There are 11 themed kits (more themes on the way, too!) so you can gift the gift of science with a theme that fits different personalities and interests. The themes that are available now include:

  1. Dinosaurs: With this box, you will become a paleontologist! A paleontologist is someone who studies fossils to learn about lifeonEarth a really, really long time ago. Make your own model fossils, excavate one of them, and even document a REAL fossil!
  2. Space (created in conjunction with NASA): With the COSI Connects Space Kit, you will become an astronaut, take a journey to the moon, and travel all the way back to Earth safely! Challenge yourself to build a rocket, design a moon base, and engineer the perfect parachute!
  3. Engineering: Engineers invent, design, build, and test. They make machines, buildings, materials, and even chemical formulas. There are many different kinds of engineers. In this box, you will explore the many faces of engineering!
  4. Snow: Do you live in a place where it snows every year? Maybe it is cold enough to have snow most of the year, like Alaska. Or maybe you live somewhere so warm that it never snows! Wherever you live, you can have fun learning about snow!
  5. Hyperloop: This box will take you on a journey as you explore the science behind cutting-edge Virgin Hyperloop transportation!
  6. Water: Ever wondered how a ship as big as the Titanic could float? Or how water striders are able to walk on water? Water is all around us, and the COSI Connects Water Kit explores all sorts of water-related science activities!
  7. Her Royal Scientist: For the scientist in all of us, this hands-on COSI Connects Kit features fun hands-on activities inspired by Camille Schrier, Her Royal Scientist and former Miss America 2020.
  8. Nature: How many native Ohio birds can you find? Can you create camouflage to help an animal hide from predators? Use the COSI Connects Nature Kit as your guide while you explore and learn about the science behind plants, animals, and ecosystems - including those living in your own backyard!
  9. Human Body: The first step to being healthy is understanding your body. Your body is made up of many interconnected systems that all work togetherto help you do ALL of the things you do every day.With this kit,you will learn a little bit more about a few of those systems and how you can make healthy choices to take care of your body.
  10. Energy: Energy is all around us. With the COSI Connects Energy Kit, explore how energy is transformed from one form to another as you experiment, build, and create!
  11. A Dinosaur Story: This dinosaur-themed box is designed especially for your youngest learners. It reads like a storybook with plenty of activities throughout. Whether you’re looking for a story to read before bed, pencil and paper activities to practice ABCs and 123s, or hands-on science activities designed especially for early learners, this is the kit for you! Recommended ages 3-6.

Each kit contains everything you’ll need to conduct five different science experiments. You can get a sneak peek of each kit, plus watch online unboxing videos, find parent/educator resources, and get a complete list of activates at

It's a great gift idea for any kiddos on your "nice list," but you do need to purchase at by Dec. 15 for holiday arrival.

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