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Does the quarantine have you feeling disconnected? One way to permanently reconnect… get FUSED! Jump on board with the newest trend of permanent jewelry / Published: 5.5.2021

Getting Fused: A Look Inside a Permanent Jewelry Party at Krombholz Jewelers

What better way to showcase the special bond you have with loved ones than with a piece of jewelry that has a special bond, too.

Krombholz Jewelers in Montgomery now offers a "Fused" bracelet experience. You come in with a loved one or small group and get a bracelet that's fused on.

This permanent jewelry trend first came about in Brooklyn, and the team at Krombholz decided to bring it to the Queen City.

According to Marketing Director Kirtley Krombholz, Krombholz Jewelers is seeing people drive from Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, and all over Ohio to get their fused bracelets.

"We launched this trend in mid-2020 and have done more than 100 fusing since then," says Krombholz. "We're the only ones in the entire region doing something like this, and we enjoy being able to give families the opportunity to show their loved ones how much they care with permanent jewelry."

According to Krombholz, this is how you can get started on your fused bracelet:

You will pick from a variety of chains and which hand you'd like it on. Then, it's sized to fit you perfectly and it's “welded” onto your wrist using a safe mini arc welder. All together, this process takes less than five minutes, but the memories last a lifetime.

You can also add a diamond or birthstone in a 14k bezel. They can be added later on, so you can get started with the bracelet itself, then come back to make additions and more memories.

These bracelets are perfect for Mother’s Day, to remind those closest to you how much you care, or to do something special for yourself. Gift cards are available on their website.

When you come in with a group of four or more, you’ll receive a bottle of bubbly and 10% off.

“Fused bracelets are a great way to celebrate powerful and meaningful relationships,” says Krombholz. “Something we need now more than ever.”

Learn more about the Fused bracelets here.