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Honey Sweetie Acres is the home of Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats and the luxurious, organic goat milk soap skincare products which they help create.

Get Amazing Goat Milk Soaps and Baby Goat Cuddles at Honey Sweetie Acres

Treat yourself to quality, handcrafted products while enjoying cuddles from baby goats. We're chatting with a husband-and-wife team with a farm and a mission to produce goat milk soap that will keep your skin in tip-top condition.

Steve and Regina Bauscher both grew up in the country. So, after raising their kids, they started their next chapter getting back to their roots. In 2011, they moved to Goshen and began dreaming up what is now Honey Sweetie Acres.

At the time, the couple was also in search of "Food Freedom," where they could grow their own preservative-free vegetables and have access to goat milk, which was difficult to do at the time without actually owning goats.

"So, we began our second life raising kids, only this time our girls and boys are Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats," they laughed.

With a background in chemistry, the duo knew the benefits of goat milk and went all in with making natural soap. "I knew the value of lipo-proteins and specific enzymes, and began making soap for my husband's skin condition," says Regina. "For over a year, we continued to evaluate and perfect our goat milk soap."

Today, goat milk soap is more common, and there are small businesses all over making their own goat milk soap products. But what you can find at Honey Sweetie Acres is much different. “We use the very best ingredients, leverage our chemistry knowledge, and have gone on to pursue multiple certifications including further education on skin anatomy and function, embraced product testing, and offer complete transparency with a 100% satisfaction guarantee,” she added.

At Honey Sweetie Acres, they don't make soap simply as a hobby, nor are they crafters. They are serious soap artisans, creating products that feed your skin.

Shoppers are able to access handcrafted soap, rather than commercial soap that has additives that may not necessarily benefit your skin. Raw goat milk is full of alpha-hydroxy acids, which help to remove dead skin cells while giving you smoother, younger looking skin. “The fat content of our soap is very high, so it keeps your skin moist and healthy,” adds Regina. There are also tons of vitamins in goat milk soap, including vitamins A, C, E, several B vitamins, amino acids, and natural enzymes.

While many entrepreneurs seek to create products that are good for your skin, Honey Sweetie Acres goes above and beyond by pursuing additional certifications so they are knowledgeable about the products they’re making. Regina says they are certified aromatherapists and have certifications from the Tisserand Institute on essential oil safety, essential oil kinetics (how essential oils react in the body) and in aromatherapy for cancer care.

While Regina and Steve are passionate about educating themselves, they’re also passionate about educating the community. At Honey Sweetie Acres you’ll find a plethora of events available to the public that allows you to visit the farm, bond with the goats, and learn more from the farmstead owners and the products they create.

The classes, called “Bonding With Goat Babies,” are held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from 5-6pm and run through May 15. The classes are $30 per attendees, and children must be at least 6 years old to participate.

Perhaps most importantly, Honey Sweetie Acres is Certified Humane. That means Honey Sweetie Acres meets the animal care standards for farm animals including a diet of quality feed without antibiotics or growth hormones.

You can learn more about Honey Sweetie Acres on their website and by following along on Facebook. To contact Honey Sweetie Acres directly, send an email to