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Add a ton more functionality, storage to your space with ShelfGenie. / Image: ShelfGenie of Cincinnati

Add a Ton More Functionality, Storage to Your Space with ShelfGenie

Unless you built your home from the ground up or designed everything yourself, you likely inherited a kitchen space you don't 100% love. That doesn't mean you need new cabinets. You just need help reaching all that underutilized, hard-to-reach space. How often have you needed to grab a stool, stand on your tiptoes, or crouch onto your hands and knees to reach something?

If any of that sounds like you, you can call ShelfGenie of Cincinnati to grant your wish! No lamp rubbing required. They can transform your space into practical storage for all of your stuff, with everything finally in reach!

Marianne Egbers, owner of ShelfGenie of Cincinnati, says her favorite thing about ShelfGenie products is that they're all retrofitted to your existing cabinets. So, you don't have the renovation or construction mess, while making your kitchen more functional and customized to your space and style.

"All of our products are made of furniture-grade wood right here in the U.S.," she says. "They come all the way outside of your cabinet, hold 100 pounds, and we even offer a lifetime warranty on both material and labor."

The process of having ShelfGenie fix your space problem is an easy one. Egbers says they come out to your home and one of their professionally-trained designers takes about two hours to talk about your frustrations in your kitchen and give you a great design. “We even have a 3-D design program, so it’s like HGTV as they virtually build and show you the glide-outs in your cabinets,” she adds. “It’s really a great experience.”

Once your gliders are ready to go in, local installers will come out and do the work for you. “Overall, it’s about an 8– to 14-week process, depending on the collection your purchase,” says Egbers.

ShelfGenie isn't just for kitchens, either. Egbers says the team has done bathrooms and laundry rooms for clients as well. “Oftentimes we go out to a home and start with the kitchen, then we return for what we call ‘Phase Two’ and add more to the kitchen or we move onto the bathroom or laundry room,” she says. “We have some clients who we have done five or more jobs for.”

Every home is different. Square footage and interior design will likely influence the decisions you make, Egbers says. "With ShelfGenie, you can reimagine your home in a way that makes it more convenient and accessible," she adds. "I like to tell people to check out ShelfGenie's interactive map online, which shows you some systems and solutions that may inspire you."

Payment options for ShelfGenie are almost as plentiful as your design choices. Egbers says there are multiple choices when it comes to paying for your glide-outs, including financing with 0% interest for 12 months and no deposit required, an extra incentive if you decide to pay with a check, and they also take every credit card.

And as an owner-operator, Egbers’ business is a local business, family owned and operated, servicing Greater Cincinnati and the Dayton markets. "We also use a U.S.-based manufacturing team to hand-craft your shelves out of the high-quality, durable materials and finishes you select," she adds.

Cincinnati Refined readers receive free installation if you purchase five or more glide-outs from the Classic or Designer series. To learn more about ShelfGenie of Cincinnati, call (513) 548-3177 today or visit to get a free design consultation.