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Clifton Mill, originally built in 1802 and currently known for some pretty epic southern-style breakfasts. -- With gorgeous cliffs towering above the Little Miami River and a solid reputation for both wilderness and hospitality, this historic village is definitely a weekend-worthy destination. And, wonderfully enough, it's only a 90-minute drive away. [Image courtesy of the Village of Clifton]

Welcome to Clifton, Ohio. It's Gorgeous.

With gorgeous cliffs towering 50 feet above the Little Miami River, the village known for wilderness, history, and hospitality is definitely a weekend-worthy destination. Welcome to Clifton, folks! (& No, we're not talking about the Queen City neighborhood that's home to University of Cincinnati. This Clifton -- Clifton, Ohio -- is a bit farther away. A 90-minute drive north, to be exact.)

Let's take a bird's-eye peek at what a quick getaway in this historic village might hold in store.

Take A Hike

Lace up your walking shoes and explore the length of Clifton Gorge. Trace the river (by way of the 2-mile upper rim trail) to John Bryan State Park. If you're traveling with friends, you can park a car at either end of the trail and head out for the less ambitious one-way hike.

Be sure to check out Amphitheatre Falls waterfall and Steamboat Rock (a rock formation that sits in the river and looks like, you guessed it, a steamboat).

Leap of Faith

Visit the landmark of frontiersman Cornelius Darnell, a young pioneer who took a running jump across the gorge while fleeing from an attacking Shawnee tribe. Clearing a span of 18 feet, Darnell successfully completed the jump, avoiding capture. A signpost marks this momentous feet. Needless to say, recreating the jump is not encouraged.

Big Country Style

A legend in itself, Clifton Mill was originally built in 1802 to harness water power and grind wheat into flour. And what does one do with all that flour? Make some epic biscuits and gravy, of course!

Known for its southern-style breakfasts, Clifton Mill restaurant serves up hearty favorites like pancakes, omelettes, and grits. During summer weekends, they do dinner as well. Linguini, salmon, and a selection of beer & wine round out the selection of suppertime savories.


Want to stretch out in nature? Pitch your tent at one of the many campsites located in John Bryan State Park. If roughing it really isn't your style, check out Clifton Garden Cabin, a bed & breakfast housed within a remodeled barn in the nearby village.

From dramatic geologic views and action-packed outdoor adventures to ample opportunities to slow down and rest up, Clifton Gorge(ous) is a weekend oasis awaiting your arrival.

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Want to find out more? Visit the town's webpage. Or hey, why not head out and explore in person? Get goin'!