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Wayword workbook is your ultimate travel companion and workbook. / Image: Brianna Long // Published: 4.10.17

Wayward Workbook Is The Travel Companion You’ve Always Wanted

Many love to travel, and documenting travels is important. But let's be honest... that’s a hard thing to do, especially in the moment.

Not anymore. Lo and behold: the Wayword Workbook, a minimalist travel log to help keep track of all the groovy things you do while out there exploring the wild blue yonder.

I sat down with Amanda Hirth to get all the details on her creation.

Cincinnati Refined: What inspired you to create the book?

Amanda Hirth: I’m very passionate about traveling for the purpose of experience. When I travel, I'm constantly on the go, soaking in as much as I can, exploring with a little bit of risk involved, and always with the goal of ending the day in completely satisfied exhaustion.

The inspiration for the book came from the times I've reflected back on some significant trips I've taken to Egypt, Israel, Germany, and more, only to realize I could vaguely remember bits and pieces from each trip. I always brought a blank journal with me, but never took the time to truly write while I was away. I wanted to spend more time experiencing and looking forward, rather than writing and looking down. Thus, the Wayward Workbook was born out of a desire to return to those moments we so often forget about after returning from an adventure.

CR: How are people expected to engage with it?

AH: My hope is people take this workbook with them on their journey as a way to cherish those moments in travel — big and small, beautiful and messy. I hope they utilize it as a planning tool to ensure they are prepared for their travels, too. After they return from their trip, they have this book as a keepsake to reflect back on their adventures when they feel a sense of wanderlust or want to share their own travel inspiration and experiences with others.

CR: Where did you get the idea to make it a journal instead of a walkthrough book?

AH: I wanted the workbook to be user-friendly. I wanted to create something versatile and logical, but something that allowed enough flexibility for people to make it personal and have their own story. I decided to make a workbook for that reason and host a blog on my site to provide everyone with my own travel advice and stories.

CR: Where did the name come from?

AH: My company name, Go Magnetic North, was simply inspired from a compass, since north is the direction the needle of a compass points to. I added the "Go" to the name to encourage the act of just going, wherever your compass may point.

Wayward Workbook came about mainly because of the definition and idea behind the word "wayward." I tend to be impulsive with my travel plans, and 'wayward' is defined as difficult to control or predict because of unusual or perverse behavior. According to that definition, I am a wayward traveler, so it was only fitting to have a wayward workbook.

CR: It's all made in Cincinnati, correct? Tell me a little more about that process!

AH: I utilized as many local resources (especially local women small business owners) as I could! Alexis Rosenbaum, owner of Game Day Feels in Loveland, and her own business consulting company, has been my sounding board for all things business and the person that gave me the push to pursue this endeavor.

Once I had the book and content sketched out, I knew I needed a designer's touch. For that, I worked with Brittney and Suzy of Handzy in Covington. When it came to printing and production, I went out to my friend Laura and Nick's farmhouse in Morrow to work with them to print, cut, and bind each book.

Once produced, I turned to Hannah King, owner of Game Day Feels and HanksPocket, and Bri Long for product photography.

CR: Are there plans for future workbooks?

AH: I do have a lot of plans for future workbooks and different versions, even one for kids to bring along on trips. I will also be doing other travel-inspired products in the near future that I'm really excited about.

CR: Where will it be sold and/or how can I get one?

AH: You can get one here. Also, keep an eye on the website, Facebook, and Instagram for announcements of consignment shop locations that are currently in the works!

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