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The Hotel at Oberlin is a sustainably-built hotel in Oberlin, OH. Located near the campus of Oberlin College, the boutique property features an on-site restaurant, called 1833, that uses only seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. / Image courtesy of The Hotel at Oberlin // Published: 10.25.17<p></p>

The Hotel at Oberlin Is Every Eco-Locavore's Dream Getaway

Oberlin, OH, is a pretty progressive town; it’s home to the liberal arts-focused Oberlin College after all. But until recently, it lacked a key, forward-thinking element: a sleek and chic, non-chain hotel. Thankfully that was remedied in September 2016 with the opening of The Hotel at Oberlin.

Formerly the Inn at Oberlin, the 70-room revamped boutique hotel is owned by the college and its accompanying Conservatory. It's also integrated into the campus, which overlooks historic Tappan Square — home to the college’s commencements and a swath of albino squirrels (the college’s mascot).

There's a lot to like about the new property, from its airy design to (for prospective students and their parents anyway) the fact that the college’s admission office is located right in in the hotel’s lobby. But perhaps most notable about The Hotel at Oberlin is that it’s one of a handful of hotels in the U.S. to incorporate solar, geothermal, and radiant heating and cooling. What’s more, 50 percent of the site’s building materials were sourced within 500 miles of Oberlin. The hotel is also on track to qualify for the rigorous LEED Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

As such, The Hotel at Oberlin offers a lot of eco-friendly touches, like locally made vegan and cruelty-free bath products, and an in-house restaurant, called 1833, which offers seasonal menus with locally-sourced ingredients that largely come from nearby farms (including Chef Jim Barnhart’s own home garden). Given the college and its surrounding community is known for music, The Hotel at Oberlin features The Birenbaum Innovation and Performance Space, a club-like venue designed for both teaching and performances. Upcoming events include a workshop held by the Oberlin Improvisation and New Music Collective and a concert by a jazz pianist and jazz violinist, which are all FREE.

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The Hotel at Oberlin is located three and a half hours northeast of Cincinnati at 10 East College Street in Oberlin, OH (44074).