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Summit Park, locatedĀ in the center of Blue Ash, is a 130-acre world-class park project currently under development. Phase 1 and 2 of the park are complete, and visitors can enjoy the amenities it has to offer, such as a playground, dog park, multiple restaurants, walking trails, and more. / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 7.25.17

Summit Park Is A Land Of Fun Built On The Grounds Of The Former Blue Ash Airport

Of all the places in the Tri-state from which you can see the Cincinnati skyline, Blue Ash might be the most surprising. But ride the elevator to the top of Summit Park's observation tower when it's completed later this year and there it'll be, like a sprinkle of fuzz on the horizon.

More interesting will be the things right below you. The multicolored glass canopy, for example. And the four exceptional restaurants, of which Senate’s new location deserves special mention. And the children’s playground that boasts (for good reason) of being the “most creative” in Cincinnati.

And, of course, that observation tower, which will be more than just an eyrie with great views. It’ll also be a stunning piece of art in its own right, with that gleaming blue glass and Johnny Bravo roofline .

(The “experiential branded signage” also deserves mention — that’s courtesy of the architect’s website. You won't be able to see it from up in the tower, but I’ll gladly abandon the conceit to pass along great poetry.)

If word of an awesome park in Blue Ash is news to you, you probably aren’t alone. Summit Park is just one part of a complicated array of developments covering the former Blue Ash airport. Those developments comprise Summit Park's numerous amenities as well as forthcoming retail and residential projects. And with new details about said projects emerging all the time, it’s easy to lose track of what’s there right now.

But what’s there right now is pretty dang cool, so you should probably go check it out. Head into the gallery above to prep yourself for your own visit.

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For more information about Summit Park in Blue Ash, visit the website.