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Josiah Wolf, tour guide / Image: Sharee Allen // Published: 4.5.17

Northside Houses A Miniature Model Of Our Solar System, And You Can Tour It

When you think of Mill Creek in Northside, you probably don’t immediately think of the solar system. But by nightfall, the Mill Creek Greenway path (beginning in Salway Park) is transformed into an outdoor classroom, brought to life by an astronomy enthusiast and a series of well-placed models.

Space Walk is a guided walking tour of our solar system, in partnership with Groundwork Cincinnati and funded by a project grant from the Haile Foundation. Starting with a beautiful hand-painted, LED-lit orb that acts as The Sun, Space Walk takes you on a tour of the planets by way of miniatures illuminated in solar-powered cases. (This mini-sun being powered by the actual Sun? The merit of this is not lost on us.)

At 3/4 of a mile, Space Walk offers a 1:3.5 billion-scale outdoor replica of the solar system, a model unlike any other in the world.

What brings this adventure to life is the man who guides it. Josiah Wolf (drummer for local band WHY?) leads the tour, filling the night air with a bevy of information and passion. He references Venus in the panel along the trail, then brings your attention to the real thing up in the sky. Wolf's awareness of his props is, literally, interplanetary. As the space between planets increases during the second half of the walk, Josiah continues to blow our minds by detailing that the distance to the next nearest star would be as far as South Korea by his scale.

"The visuals are great but [Josiah] really makes the tour what it is," Tyler Bain of OTR says. "We look forward to geeking out with Josiah in the near future about Einstein, the space-time continuum, and the life expectancy of the Voyager space probes."

Set course for the gallery above for a quick look at what you'll find on Josiah's Space Walk.


To book your own tour, head to Space Walk's website. Also, check out its Instagram.