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Annexed to Cincinnati in 1911, Sayler Park is the city's westernmost neighborhood. Its homes are of various architectural styles, and its parks are some of the best in the city. / Image: Brian Planalp // Published: 8.10.17

We Took A Trip To The City's Westernmost Neighborhood: Sayler Park

You won’t find a neighborhood among Cincinnati’s 52 that features as wide a variety of architectural styles as Sayler Park.

“Oh, right, Sayler Park. That’s the one, uh It’s over by, uh

Relax, it’s cool. We’ve covered a bit of Sayler Park in this lyrical paean to Cincy’s most adorable square foot of green space, Thornton Triangle, but it’s like eight square feet. Still, Sayler Park is undoubtedly more than Thornton Triangle. In fact, it’s a 108-year-old community that furnishes the westernmost boundary of the city of Cincinnati along US 50. And like every other Cincinnati neighborhood, it has charms all its own.

Those architectural styles come to mind. Italianate, Queen Anne, and Vernacular homes abound as reminders of Cincinnati’s Gilded Age prominence. Elsewhere, the streets are lined by ranches, bungalows, and foursquares, harbingers of that prosaic post-war charm.

The remaining space is occupied by the brick/stone hodgepodges of new construction. Not that we’re down on new construction. In fact, Winding Walks — a planned community of 82 LEED-certified homes — is a success story for the neighborhood. When completed, it’ll add walking trails, green space, and new families to the area, subsequently bolstering its business district.

The parks, of which Fernbank Park is the most impressive, are phenomenal. Its 65 acres flank the Ohio River, offering dynamic views of Kentucky’s riverbanks and bluffs. Features include an enormous playground, biking trails, a picnic area, a railed overlook, and one red bench that seems best suited for thinking the deepest of deep thoughts.

But Sayler Park’s Sayler Park (heh) deserves mention too. The neighborhood’s nominative green space is a charming, well-manicured two acres in the heart of town. Blink when you're driving by and you'll miss it, but do so at your own risk.

After all, like the rest of Sayler Park, its namesake park is quite charming.

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For more information about Sayler Park (the neighborhood), visit its website.