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No cable, no wi-fi, no cell connection... Nestled in the woods of Hocking Hills, Ravenwood Castle is ready to transport you to a weekend of relaxation. (Image: Jumping Rocks Photography)

Retreat To This Ohio Castle (& Leave Your Phone At Home)

Nestled against the fringes of Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park lies a castle just waiting to transport you to a weekend of relaxation. Think Games of Thrones meets Grimm's Fairy tales. Ravenwood Castle is the perfect (non-scary) marriage of the two.

My recent visit to the castle happened over the long weekend celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. We booked the castle as a place to stay after we participated in the annual Winter Hike at Hocking Hills. Something about the castle's website had us saying, "We've got to see this."

We weren't disappointed.

Ravenwood Castle sits in the middle of nowhere. Literally. You'll find it on top of a wooded hill at the end of gravel road, roughly a ten-minute drive from the small town of McArthur, Ohio. The property features rooms named after key British historical figures, a great hall for dining, a library, a pub, a few renovated "gypsy" wagons (which are also available for lodging), and a small village of rentable cottages.

Everything about this bed and breakfast coordinates around a theme. Visitors are supposed to feel transported. And it's effective.

We rented the Woodcutter's Cottage, located about half a football field from the main house. Inside, we found a charming suite of rooms designed (you guessed it) around the "woodcutter" theme. It was charming without being cheesy, and since I liked everything, I had trouble deciding the cottage's best feature. I heard other guests say the same thing about the rooms they stayed in for the weekend.

That's the thing about Ravenwood -- stay there for even one night and you're bound to get to know everyone. The innkeepers are friendly and social, and the guests feed off of that. Ravenwood doesn't have cable TV, wi-fi internet, or (gasp) reliable cell service. A landline does the job in an emergency.

I'll admit, at first it seemed strange to be so "cut off" from everything. I'm used to checking my cell phone every five minutes and staying in constant contact with my social media accounts. Our stay at Ravenwood reminded me just how much silence is a luxury, as is is face-to-face human interaction.

We talked to the other guests. We drank a few glasses of wine with them. The innkeepers taught us board games, shared stories around the castle's roaring fire, and served some of the best cinnamon rolls I have ever had for breakfast.

It was unforgettable.

Ravenwood Castle offers a spread of events during the year, including a few murder mystery weekends. Heads-up: The innkeepers say these sell out fast. The property also doubles as a wedding venue.

Overall, a visit to this unique destination is an unexpected, fun, and interesting getaway. (And just under three hours from the center of Cincinnati.)

In short, I highly recommend it.

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If you'd like to find out more about Ravenwood Castle, visit the website or Facebook page.