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At REI, We Dare You Not To Buy The Entire Store...

Even for the folks who proclaim they hate shopping — and I'm talking about myself here — there is always, undoubtedly, at least one type of thing we like to buy. In my case, it's athletic and adventure gear.

New handbag? ... No thanks.
New designer heels? ... Really, don't.
New throw pillow? ... That's okay. I'm good.

New hiking shoes? ... Heck yeah.
New Nalgene? ... Why yes, thank you.
New portable hammock? .... Bingo! Nailed it.

And that's why REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) is a dangerous store, for people like me. It's the type of store where everything on the shelves whispers in my ear, "You need this. That trip you've been planning your head... (the one that probably won't happen but you love to daydream about) well, you will need this. Come on, Leah. DO IT! (Translation: spend half of your paycheck.)"

One month later, my credit card bill is a good $500 over the average. Oh yeah, it was the shelves of REI... Those darn talking shelves.

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REI is located at the Rookwood Commons Shopping Center (2643 Edmondson Rd. 45209).