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Short Vine is Corryville's five-block stretch of Vine Street that runs from Corry Street to Martin Luther King Drive. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 3.14.17

Short Vine Is Basically A Micro-City, With Everything You Need In Five Blocks

People familiar with Uptown know how special Short Vine is, no matter what decade they know it from. Bogart’s, the old LaRosa’s, the Kroger that was recently replaced by a brand new one, and many other mainstays have cultivated a personality unique to that area beside UC for years.

But wait… maybe I’m jumping the gun here. For the uninitiated:

Short Vine
(shôrt vyn) noun
Corryville's five-block stretch of Vine Street that runs from Corry Street to Martin Luther King Drive.

Alright, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s proceed.

Short Vine holds the rare distinction of being among the only places in the area equipped with a library, grocery store, post office, and music venue as well as residential living and myriad restaurants all in one compact little package. It’s not just a place you visit and leave once the day is through; you can realistically live, work, and play just by hanging out in Short Vine.

And to be honest, I wouldn’t mind doing all of those things. It’s a micro city at the top of the hill. Short Vine has always been an eclectic, lively portion of Corryville, and it’s seeing a whole new level of development as of late. Similar to Brian’s Oakley Station experience, I recently spent some time on Short Vine to observe the new additions while also revisiting several classics that make the area great.


My guide was Jessica Stringfield, Marketing & Communications Director for Uptown Rental Properties. With an itinerary in hand, we began at Uptown’s office and walked to several places along the street.

To follow along my tour, hit up the gallery above. I think you’ll find Short Vine equally as wonderful as I do after you see what it has to offer.


It should be noted that there is FAR more on Short Vine than what is featured in the gallery tour. These were just a handful of new and old places along the route.