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Cincinnati Music Hall on the opening weekend after the 2017 renovation / Image: Tim Jeffries // Published: 11.30.17

Local Photographer Tim Jeffries Will Wow You With His Portfolio

Amateur photographers are a dime a dozen these days. A quick browse through Instagram and you'll get the picture (pun intended). The fact that photography is so accessible in the modern world is a wonderful thing.

But before there were DSLRs and cameras built into the computers in our pockets, there was a significantly smaller amount of people shooting on film. Tim Jeffries is one of those seasoned photographers that picked up a camera in the film era over 45 years ago. With his lengthy amount of experience, he's honed his skills and effortlessly made the transition into the digital world while not giving up on film.

He's been doing this longer than you've probably been alive (myself included), so we wanted to talk to him about his background and how he approaches his craft. He gave a short and sweet interview, but that's only because his photos are worth a thousand words.

Cincinnati Refined: Sum yourself up in a couple sentences.

Tim Jeffries: I am a husband (45+ years to Jenny), a father (29-year-old son who is a Ph.D. mathematician), a bicyclist (125,000+ miles), a photographer (45+ years), a camera collector (too many to mention), and accordion-whisperer (don’t ask). I am a native Cincinnatian, locally-educated, locally-employed, retired, and now busier than ever before.

CR: What got you into photography?

TJ: I was inspired to get into photography by my Uncle Carl. He was an accomplished amateur photographer from the 1930s to the 1980s. Seeing his work, his cameras, and his darkroom inspired me to get a camera and try to be creative.

CR: What’s your camera of choice?

TJ: For digital, I use a Nikon D800. For film, I use a 1910 Kodak No. 2 Folding Pocket Brownie (Model B). If I don't have a camera on-hand, I use my iPhone.

CR: The one lens you can’t live without?

TJ: My Sigma 24-70mm, f/2.8. It's on my Nikon 95% of the time.

CR: Most memorable/favorite experience while shooting?

TJ: The birth of my son. As I was waiting to get the photo, I was told to hand the camera over to the nurse in the room so I could cut the cord. Also, the inside of an ice cave in Iceland while surrounded by a dozen other serious photographers.

CR: How would you describe your photographic style?

TJ: Ready to capture the moment and making something creative out of what I see before me.

CR: What’s at the top of your photography bucket list?

TJ: Get to Antarctica someday.

CR: Any advice for aspiring photographers?

TJ: Evaluate the scene in front of you, take lots of photos, and show your best images.

CR: Motto to live by

TJ: Live your dream and wear your passion.

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A gallery of Tim's work can be seen above. Visit his website for more.