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Pendleton's mix of weathered historic buildings, gorgeous and colorful 19th century rehabs, and urban core setting makes it a distinctly remarkable Cincinnati neighborhood. It is located east of Sycamore Street and bounded by Liberty Street and Reading Road. / Image: Brian Planalp

A Photo Journey Through One Of Cincy's Most Beautiful Neighborhoods

Pendleton is barely a nook in Over-the-Rhine, bounded on three sides by Sycamore Street, Liberty Street, and Reading Road. It's also a strange place to be in Cincinnati right now.

Even before the redevelopment along Vine and Main Streets, Pendleton lived in a curious relationship with OTR's thoroughfares, being smaller, quieter, and inarguably more beautiful.

While Vine and Main Streets are abundant in commercial space, Pendleton is lined with vivid brick row houses and towering 19th-century apartments. The community is thus a character-rich residential complement to the rest of OTR, even if it's not nearly as developed.

And that's what makes Pendleton strange. It's such an intensely lovely place, flush with jaw-dropping architecture, breathtaking green spaces, and worn artifacts with stories of its own. Construction workers seemingly outnumber actual residents on the sidewalks; it's a community experiencing the deep intake before the plunge of wholesale redevelopment.

Whether that's a good or a bad thing, it's definitely something you should be paying attention to.

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