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Create a paper airplane and throw it through targets as a fun challenge. / Image: Phil Armstrong, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 5.25.18

Put Your Middle School Paper Airplane-Making Skills To The Test At Mission Aerospace

Remember making paper airplanes in grade school? It's time to put those skills back to use.

WHAT: Mission Aerospace, an interactive exhibit set within a maze that explores the wonders of aviation science and history using various displays and activity stations. Fly a virtual WWI-era biplane using a motion-sensing camera, build paper airplanes to toss through targets, construct paper rockets to blast into space, and spin gyroscopes to feel how navigation systems find true north.

WHO: It's for adults and children alike. Adult tickets are $10.50, child tickets are $8.50, and senior tickets are $9.50. It's free for Cincinnati Museum Center members.

WHEN: May 25 thru September 9, 2018

WHERE: Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal

WHY: Union Terminal is still under construction and this gives patrons a chance to revisit a Queen City favorite while learning about aviation science and history.

HOW: Visit the museum itself or check out the website for more information about Mission Aerospace.