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Kentucky's Lost River Cave offers a fantastic underground boat tour that's educational, delightful, and filled with adventure. It can be found at 2818 Nashville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42101. / Image courtesy of Lost River Cave

Lost River Cave: Experience Kentucky's Only Underground Boat Tour

Looking to spend a leisurely afternoon on an underground boat tour? Kentucky’s Lost River Cave is the destination you should be checking out.

You’ll be educated, delighted, asked to duck below an enormous rock shelf, and (best of all) treated to an enthralling underground experience during this Bowling Green adventure.

The Cave Boat Tour begins on some winding wooded trails flush with wildlife. There, you learn how the cave was used as an encampment for 40,000 union soldiers during the Civil War and later repurposed into a night club -- yes, a night club -- in the 1930s.

Then, you'll learn about its neglect. For a long time, the cave's primary use was as an oversized trash can. That is, until 1990, when a nonprofit saved the cave, the river, and the surrounding 70 acres of trails, wetlands, and meadows.

The cave, by the way, is (pardon my French) incroyable. You reach it after loading into a boat with your fellow tour-goers and passing through the cave’s vast entrance. The underground rooms are tall, dark and gloomy; passing between them can involve some anatomical scrunching that the claustrophobic among you will likely find objectionable.

There are many attractions at the 70-acre site. You can walk the two-mile wooded trails, head to the butterfly house and gift shop, or take advantage of several other tours offered by the nonprofit -- including one of the spelunking variety.

But the Cave Boat Tour offers a satisfying mix of everything the Lost River Cave has to offer. It’s a really fantastic time, especially if you like history and you don’t mind being in small, confined spaces underground.

And even if you do, maybe you should give it a shot anyways...

New experiences, amiright news team?

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The Lost River Cave is located at 2818 Nashville Rd, Bowling Green, KY 42101.