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<p>The Lee's Country RV "Secret" Warehouse Sale will be held on the first three weekends in January in Batesville, Indiana. Don't miss your chance to explore the incredible collection, including an array of fifth wheels as well as their new ultra-light travel trailers. / ADDRESS: Rynn's Warehouse, 1776 Lammers Pike, Batesville, IN / Image: Brian Planalp</p>

Commit To Your Travel Goals In 2018 By Visiting This &ldquo;Secret&rdquo; RV Warehouse Sale

It won’t be cold for much longer. And when it warms up, the question you’ll probably be asking yourself is this: "How am I gonna spend 2018?"

Well, if you’re a fun-loving adventurer—a hiker, a biker, a naturalist, whatever—then we’ve got a “secret” show for you. It comes courtesy of Lee’s Country RV, and it could forever change how you explore this beautiful world.

Or not. That’s fine too. Don’t think you need to walk out with an RV in your back pocket to make the experience worth it. Instead, think of the show as more of well, an introductory experience. Sure, if you’ve already settled on that RV life, Lee’s will be happy to assist you. But if you’re just looking to get your feet wet—to peer down that road less traveled, as it were—then their exceptional staff will let you do all the peering you want.

Now, for the details


Featuring all of Lee’s RV stock, including an array of fifth wheels as well as their new 2018 ultra-light travel trailers, the “Secret” Warehouse Sale is truly an event like none other.

  • Located at Rynn’s Warehouse at 1776 Lammers Pike, Batesville, Indiana
  • Held the first three weekends in January: January 5-7, 10-12, and 18-21
  • Featuring 24,000 sq. ft. of travel trailers and fifth wheels
  • Free admission
  • Free popcorn
  • Free parking

What should you expect when you get there?

No pressure: We all know the stereotypical pushy car salesmen. Well, those folks exist in the RV world too. But not at Lee’s. Here, the exceptional trained staff will let you look around until your heart’s content.

Absolute attention: But if you need anything, they’ll also be ready with answers to all your questions. And yes, they’ll actually listen to you, to what your dreams are and where you want to go in life. Then they’ll help you make the right choice to get you there, whether that’s an RV or something else!

No games or gimmicks: There’s none of that sales gamesmanship here. No going back to check prices with the boss. No hidden fees attached to your bill at signing. Just honest people and clearly marked prices.

Ready-to-ride RVs: All RVs are fully prepped, including battery, battery box, and filled LP tanks. They also come with a complimentary New Owner Orientation, which will help you get the most out of your RV.

Life-long relationships: Your experience with Lee’s doesn’t stop when you leave the showroom. In fact, it’s just beginning! You can call or stop by any time and they’ll talk you through everything that faces a new RV owner, from winterizing your RV to prepping it for that next big road trip.

So drive to the Lee’s Country RV “Secret” Warehouse Sale this January and see where that less-traveled road takes you. Could be somewhere incredible.

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For more information, visit Lee’s Country RVs website.