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Instagram Roundup: #Cabins

Instagram Roundup: Our weekly collection of the most telling, compelling, and visually dazzling shots to be found in the photo-sharing world, themed and curated for your viewing enjoyment. Get ready to see the Queen City (and the world) through a whole new lens.

THIS INSTALLMENT: #Cabins. The leaves have fallen, only to bare the cold and lonely branches -- the inevitable symbol of winter. Hibernation has begun. Even if you don't have access to the luxury of a secluded cabin in the woods, we're here to help you live vicariously through these gorgeous photos of cabin life around the world.

OBSERVATIONS: Cozy cabins, both big and small, have become the universal go-to getaway. Depending on your love of the cold (or lack thereof), fall and winter are the best times of the year to either take a trip somewhere that fully embraces the seasons or ditch the North Face altogether and head south of the border. If you land in the former category, well then, grab a blanket, slide into those slippers, and step inside these cabins for a cozy moment of (almost) winter wanderlust.