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Imagine If Your High School English Teacher Created A Kurt Vonnegut-Inspired Drinking Game

Looking for an excuse to get out of town for the weekend? How about a trip to Indy, filled with Kurt Vonnegut-inspired cocktails at Indy’s 11 coolest bars?

It’s been a decade since the famed author Kurt Vonnegut passed away, and his hometown of Indianapolis is paying homage to the writer by declaring 2017 the “Year of Vonnegut.” Of all the ways they're honoring him, our favorite has to be their booze-heavy Cheers to Vonnegut celebration.

While several of the cocktails start with Vonnegut’s favorite liquor or scotch, each finds a way to be unique and delicious. Bluebeard’s “Breakfast of Champions,” for instance, takes a story about two old men and instead turns it into a sweet, cereal-infused cocktail with Laird’s Applejack, Amaro Montenegro, Amaro di Angostura, honey, lemon, Apple Jack-infused half 'n half, and adds a Wheaties sugar rim.

Other homages to Vonnegut include drinks named after characters from his works, like the terrible cat-killing house sitter Sherman Krebbs from Cat's Cradle, and cocktails named after some of his favorite sayings like the “And so it goes.”

The Cheers to Vonnegut menu runs from now until April 16th. If you’re a big Vonnegut fan (i.e. the student who swooned when you saw Slaughterhouse-Five on the semester's reading list), plan your weekend getaway to Indy in conjunction with the newly-expanded Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library opening on April 8th.

So now might be just the time to dust off the bookshelf and drive northwest for a little boozy remembrance of a celebrated author. To see the drinks offered at all 11 bars, hit up the gallery above.


And for more on each cocktail and a map for all 11 bars, check out this full description on Two Lane America.