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Trillium - exterior.jpeg
Overlooking Lake Logan, the Trillium tiny house is one of three designed and built by the Shaw family. Two more are under construction. / Image: Chez Chesak // Published: 1.24.21

Your Ideal Escape Pods are Just Two Hours Away

Getting away these days can be a challenge. Many just aren’t comfortable in big, traditional hotels and resorts and are probably seeking a more isolated, sequestered getaway. The Hocking Hills Tiny Houses provide just that—the ideal escape pods.

If you’re not familiar with tiny houses, they are compact living spaces that make use of every possible space to ensure that you have everything you need in as small a space as possible. Variations like these ones can actually be towed from location to location. But while small, they don’t lack in terms of comfort or amenities. Matt and Christine Shaw make sure of that.

The couple are both former mechanical engineers and have made it a family affair to build the chic, well-appointed spaces. Inspired by their son Isaac (also a mechanical engineer), Matt decided to finally walk away from the corporate job he’d held for more than 25 years, ditch his hour-long commute, and work with Christine and their four other industrious children to build these cozy, yet mobile, little cabins.

“We were watching TV shows about tiny houses,” says Matt, “when one night Isaac just said, ‘Hey, we could do that.’ Not too long after that, we found a guy in Toledo that made the trailers. Once we found him, we knew we could do the rest.”

Now the family has three of the tiny houses, each unique in layout, design, and style. Two more are under construction. While the first three (named Gladiola, Trillium, and Juniper) maximize the available space with overhead loft sleeping areas (in addition to a sleeping space in the convertible living area), the next two will be more accessible to those that aren’t comfortable ascending the snug steps to the loft. They will also be pet-friendly.

Gladiola is situated on its own plot overlooking Lake Logan. Currently Trillium and Juniper are located in a renovated campground that also overlooks the lake, but will be moved to their own plots in the spring of 2021.

No matter which one you choose (or where it’s currently located), these beautiful, thoughtfully designed tiny homes are a perfect place to chill for a few days or to use as a launching pad for all your Hocking Hills adventures.

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Hocking Hills State Park is located a little over two hours from Downtown Cincinnati in Logan, OH. You can take a virtual tour through the Shaw’s Trillium and Juniper cabins there in the gallery above. Gladiola, Juniper, and Trillium can be booked through Airbnb.