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STROSS HOTEL --> LOCATED IN: Over-the-Rhine / BACKGROUND: Opened in 1893 in a building built sometime around 1880. The original owner, William Stross, was a master of the tuba and trombone and played in the German army before immigrating to the US in 1883. In his spare time running the hotel, he went to college and became a full-fledged doctor but never actually practiced medicine. // IMAGE: Phil Armstrong

These 20 Buildings Showcase Cincinnati's Hotel History

When traveling to new cities, it's important to scope out where you'll lay your head at night to ensure your home away from home is as pleasant as possible.

People traveling to Cincinnati for both business and pleasure have needed lodging since the beginning. And, obviously, the Queen City has never failed to provide plenty of options for a little pillow-chocolate goodness.

Nowadays, though, many of the hotels of yesteryear have disappeared. In some cases, their buildings have been abandoned or demolished completely. Others were remodeled and reopened following decades of closure. Some have taken up residence in buildings formerly occupied by businesses that weren't at all related to the hospitality industry, breathing new life and purpose into otherwise forgotten historic places. And still, others have persevered, rooted in the same location for decades.

Here are 20 hotels housed within 20 historic buildings around Cincy. Some are still standing, some are long gone, and some are brand-new faces with fresh coats of paint on aged brick and stone. But each one has a story to tell.