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Cincinnati 1909.jpg

33 Excellent Aerial Images of Cincinnati From the Past +100 Years

Cincinnati used to look a lot different than it does today. But that's not exactly news here. Because even if you didn't know this, you could have guessed it.

Thankfully, in today’s world of incessant documentation by Instagrammers and photographers alike, there’s no shortage of images representing present-day Cincinnati. But what about yesteryear? We didn't have cameras on our phones. We didn't have this insatiable need to catalogue every moment of our lives and surroundings. It's okay, though, because there were still people taking photos back then, photos of the city we like to call home.

Don Prout runs the website, and his online collection of old photos, postcards, and other retro images is impressive. So impressive, in fact, we asked him if we could share some of his bird’s-eye view photos of the city with the Cincinnati Refined crowd. He agreed, and we’ve placed a selection of them in the gallery above.

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Visit Don's website to check out other fantastic photos and postcards of Cincinnati’s past.