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Per the website: “Go Ape is a 2-3 hour adventure through the forest canopy that takes you on a journey through suspended obstacles, Tarzan swings, and breathtaking zip lines.” There are 15 locations across the country, including ones in Indianapolis and Louisville. A 16th location will open in May 2017. / Image courtesy of Go Ape Adventures // Published: 4.21.17

We Discovered Two Incredible Obstacle Courses Within Two Hours From Cincy

I've been struggling to write this story all week. And you know what? I think I finally figured out why. It's because I don't wanna write a story about a cool thing. I want to do a cool thing. It's like the work equivalent of not wanting to eat one's green veggies before she's allowed to eat dessert. But mom?? I just want the cookies n' milk. Mom...

Anyway, I'm here. You're here. Let's do this.

If you're a fan of outdoor adventure, then boy oh boy do we have the perfect activity for you. Go Ape Adventures offers you (and your family and friends plus a bunch of people you don't even know) the opportunity to swing from the trees. Literally.

With 15 locations across the country, and a 16th about to come online in May, the company (which is based out of Frederick, MD) teams up with local parks to design, build, and operate each course. Added benefit? A percentage of money from each ticket sale goes back to the park/community to be reinvested how they see fit. I dig it. Do you dig it?

Back to the obstacles, though... Because that's what I'm here for. Each course takes about 2-3 hours to complete and includes a mix of zip lines + other high ropes obstacles (e.g. swings, bridges, cargo nets, etc.). Is your adrenaline pumping yet?

Alright, here's the one hiccup. They don't have a location in the Tri-state. Womp womp. But they do have two locations within a two hour drive. I mean, I wouldn't get you all excited about swinging through the trees without offering you an actual tree from which to swing.

The two locations nearest Cincinnati are Indianapolis and Louisville. Now, to get the full effect of everything I've been talking about (and whatever you've been secretly visualizing), I highly suggest you check out the photo gallery above.

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Go Ape offers zip line obstacle course adventures with locations across the country.

Here are the two locations closest to Cincinnati:
1. Louisville, Jefferson Memorial Forest
2. Indianapolis, Eagle Creek Park