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Explorer Chick is an active adventure travel company offering women- only, small group trips and workshops based out of Cincinnati. / Image courtesy of Explorer Chick // Published: 3.20.17

Learn About Explorer Chick, A Female Adventure Travel Company Based Out Of Cincy

Cincinnati is filled with some pretty cool chicks, and one of the coolest is a woman who makes her living gathering up her gal pals and traveling the world.

The woman in question: Nicki Bruckmann.

It all started back in 2014. Newly divorced and burnt out from her 9 to 5 in the financial advisory industry, she desperately needed a vacation. She needed a trip to make her feel alive again.

One night, after a few glasses of wine and an inspirational book of women’s quotes, she had an epiphany... What if she started a company that brought travel-seeking women together for an adventure?

Thus, Explorer Chick Adventure Co. was born.

She spent the next 365 days traveling while rappelling from a 75-foot waterfall, climbing a mountain, and surfing in Costa Rica. A couple years and many boondoggles later, Nicki has had over 60 women adventuring with her annually.

But you probably want to hear about the trips! Here’s the dealio: They’re women-only, and they include a travel guide with a packing list and transportation details so the ladies can experience an adventure without worrying about the details.

Explorer Chick Adventure Co. offers the following travel excursions:

  • Dominican Republic Tropical Adventure
  • Red River Gorge Backpacking Workshop
  • Virginia Hiking & Survival 101
  • Smoky Mountain Big Hiking Adventure
  • Moab Dirtbag Adventure

Ready to book a trip yet? Get a glimpse of the adventuring to be had in the photo gallery above.

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For more information, head on over to Explorer Chick’s website.