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Allen Meyer controls a drone to capture a shot of the Licking River. / Image: Allen Meyer // Published: 5.30.18

This Video Proves That A Staycation In Cincy Can Be Full Of Outdoor Fun

Travel is an important part of Cincinnati Refined. So important, in fact, we have an entire section of the site dedicated to the concept.

Local resident Allen Meyer, who hasn't escaped our adoration, is somewhat of a professional traveler. The dude has been all over, capturing all of it with a camera. His passion for exploration and keen eye for photography is a deadly combo for anyone easily bowled over by his social media presence. (Speaking from experience here.) It's pretty obvious why we've featured him on that section of the site before.

Leah Marshall, another photographer with a passion for travel, is making waves herself. And luckily for us, both she and Allen teamed up to create a Cincinnati staycation "outdoor adventure" video for MeetNKY, the Northern Kentucky Convention and Visitors Bureau. The video, featured on MeetNKY's website via its YouTube channel, highlights some of Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati's outdoor features that often aren't considered when visiting the area.

"Cincinnati is known for its brewery scene, fun nightlife on the river bank, beautiful skyline, and specialty restaurants," explains Leah. "While we appreciate all of that, we find that those features are enjoyed more after a long day playing outside."

She goes on to list several outdoor activities that can be enjoyed within a 15-minute drive of Downtown. Activities such as:

  • Rock climbing at Eden Park
  • Paddle boarding on the Little Miami, Licking River, and Ohio
  • Mountain biking on trails in Devou Park

The fun doesn't stop there, though. The video, which took a week to film, merely reminds viewers of the options Cincinnati and NKY offer for outdoor adventure.

"We love this city and all it has to offer, and our hope for this video is that other people feel inspired to pack a cooler, take to the river, and enjoy some summer sunshine," Leah says.


Allen's favorite moment of filming was asking his friend, Hunter, to be his mountain biker for the Devou Park sequence and having five of Hunter's friends, who are all amazing bikers in their own right, show up to enhance the footage.

As anyone who's made a high-quality video knows, filming isn't always smooth sailing, though.

"While doing some trial footage of mountain biking, I was only standing a few feet off trail when my buddy John ended up sliding out and had to ditch his bike, slamming directly into me with equipment in hand. Luckily we were both alright and none of the equipment was affected."

Leah found being active before going to her day job as a school teacher appealing. "It was really nice to have an excuse to get out on the river at 6 a.m. before work to film the paddle boarding footage."


If you're in a quiet place and playing a video isn't an option, still images from the production of the video can be seen in the gallery above. That'll give you an idea of what you're in for.

Or, if you're ready to watch it, click here.