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Camp Spark is an adult-only summer camp that will take place Labor Day Weekend (September 1st through 3rd) at Camp Livingston in Indiana. The camp will address issues of creative burnout with artist-led workshops, yoga, live music, and other camp activities that include a climbing tower. The all-inclusive tickets are $450 per person and cover lodging and food for the weekend. / Image courtesy of Camp Spark // Published: 8.14.18

Reset Your Busy Life By Spending Labor Day Weekend At This Adult-Only Summer Camp

Could you survive an entire weekend without technology, alcohol, or work talk?

Better yet, could you open yourself to a more creative, friend-making experience?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, Camp Spark may be the Labor Day Weekend adventure for you.

Long story short, Camp Spark is an adult (18+) summer camp taking place from September 1-3. Located about 45 minutes southwest of Cincinnati at Camp Livingston in Indiana, the concept was the brainchild of camp enthusiasts and co-creators Earl Grey and Flashlight—otherwise known as Lindsey and Joel Armor. (Those are their camp names.)

Camp Spark plans to host attendees from all over the U.S. who seek to address issues of creative burnout while carving out the space to be bored and dream. “Through trips to other camps and times without technology, we realized that it was invigorating,” says Flashlight, whose camp title is Chief Kid at Heart. “It helped in our creative process and well-being. It’s important to take a break, socialize, and connect.”

The camp itself will include playshops that encourage campers to interact in creative sessions with experts. Those experts will also step out of their comfort zones to collaborate with other artists in new ways.

“Artist Pierre is an avid drawer, and he creates these games,” Flashlight says. “He will be collaborating with Smokey Quartz, who specializes in mediation, to create a type of hypnosis game with objects from the past. It’s elegant and requires a certain level of expertise to weave together.”

What else? How about a balanced relationship with technology and ownership over your life? “We want people to set their own intentions and feel empowered and say ‘I created my own path’,” says Earl Grey, whose title is Captain Dance Pants. “We want them to walk away with an idea that ‘my experience can be whatever I want it to be’.”

So what’s the cost? The all-inclusive ticket price is $450 per person. A ticket includes:

  • A bunk in a cabin (or space for a tent if you prefer)
  • All meals and snacks for the weekend
  • Playshops led by artists, craft people, and wellness experts
  • Chance to use the lake, climbing tower, and other camp activities
  • Indoor bathroom facilities
  • Live music
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Liability insurance
  • An overall stress-free, rejuvenating weekend

If you're short on funds, use promo code NEWFRIEND at checkout to receive $50 off or apply for their “Starving Artists Pool,” which other campers have generously contributed to.

Now that we've covered the basics, you're ready to ship off to camp. The only thing left to do is pick your camp name. Might we suggest Refined One?

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Get the gist of Camp Spark in the gallery above. For more information and tickets, visit the camp's website.