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A trip to Amish Country is as easy as quick as a 3-hour drive from Cincinnati to Berlin, Ohio. There, you can enjoy shopping, homemade cheese, antiques, homestyle cooking, and more. To make the most of the trip, however, consider staying in Berlin at your pick of several cozy cabins, comfortable cottages, spacious lodges, and marvelous treehouses. / Image courtesy of Amish Country Lodging // Published: 2.28.18

Stay In This Treehouse When You Take That Overnight Trip To Amish Country

You can accomplish a lot in three hours: binge-watch your latest Netflix obsession, bake a few dozen batches of homemade cookies, wander through Kenwood Mall, etc. But I've got an even better alternative. Take a three-hour drive, and then you can bask in the simplicity of Amish Country. For a taste of peaceful, country life outside of the Queen City's limits, you'll need to head to Berlin, Ohio.


Believe it or not, Berlin is home to the world's largest Amish settlement. Which means it's chock-full of furniture shopping, homemade cheese, antiques, homestyle cooking, and even some wineries. Make your way to Main Street where you'll be entertained for hours with shopping, tasting, and socializing with the locals.

But if there's one thing that makes a weekend getaway truly perfect, it's where you stay. For every cozy cabin-lover, this Amish Country destination has several great options from the four lodgers below.


  • Four different lodges: while they each have unique amenities, they all have fireplaces and two-person jacuzzis.
  • A stand-alone cabin: it's called "The Evergreen," and it comes complete with a loft and outdoor hot tub.
  • Three different treehouses: perched 22 feet high in the trees, each one is the perfect romantic retreat (with ceiling faucet-equipped jacuzzis, might I add).


  • Six different cabins: from rocking chairs to in-ground stone soaking tubs, each is fully equipped for relaxation.
  • Four different lodges: just a quarter of a mile away from downtown Berlin and equipped with fireplaces and jacuzzis.


  • Two cottages: each with two bedrooms and bathrooms located right on Main Street, just steps away from shops, restaurants, and more.


  • Six treehouses: tucked away in the sanctuary of Berlin Woods, each structure comes complete with stone jacuzzis, fireplaces, and full kitchens.

Do you think it's possible to spend a night in each place? Because that's the kind of vacay that I'm talking about. Your getaway starts by heading over to the gallery above to sneak a peek.

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For more information about Berlin lodging options, visit the website.