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This Aerial Photography Company Can Snap A Pic Like No Other

You can be a master photographer.
You can take shots better than anyone else.
You can garner over 400 likes (easily) on an Instagram post.

But there's one thing that you might not be able to do. "What's that?" you ask. Well, get aerial views of Cincinnati. You pretty much need a drone for that angle. And when you don't have your own drone, you find friends that do. Meet our new friends at MasseyGreenAVP.

Founded in 2013 (well, the aerial division was founded then) by Matt Green and John Massey, the company has its niche in covering high-end residential and commercial real estate. They've also shot video of golf courses and for corporate events.

And while that's all well & good, we became their besties because we wanted to see a bird's-eye view of Cincinnati.

Now that's your cue to hit up the photo gallery.

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For more info about MasseyGreenAVP, check 'em out online or on Instagram.