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This Eden Park penthouse features open-format living space and luxurious decor. / Walnut Hills / Entire home, 6 guests, 2 beds, $149 per night / Image courtesy of Airbnb host Edward // Published: 8.31.17

7 Of The Coolest Airbnbs Around Cincinnati

I may be the last Millennial on earth who still prefers the experience of staying in a hotel over that of an Airbnb. But with the “disruptive” platform offering so many quality options in the Queen City, I can definitely see where the other side is coming from. Especially if you’re looking to stay at one of these seven awesome BnBs, each of which has a little something extra to set it apart from the rest.

Obligatory Over-the-Rhine

Entire unit, 4 guests, 1 bed, $130/night

You had to know at least one of these was going to be in OTR. And this one, located near Washington Park, represents the neighborhood well. It even feels a bit of a paragon, with its exposed ductwork and masonry. But infinitely more important is this: If you request it ahead of time, you can have a yoga mat and assorted exercise equipment waiting when you arrive. Just in case you’re the type of vacationer who never leaves their chakras behind.

Big Views From Prospect Hill

Entire home, 5 guests, 3 beds, $280/night

There’s a boutique quality to this home. It’s luxurious and inviting. It’s cozy and mid-mod. It’s got a Swiss chateau feel that verges ever so slightly on Swiss psychiatrist office. But where better to talk out your Oedipal complex than in Prospect Hill, with its fabulous views of downtown and its convenient proximity to OTR’s restaurant scene. You could try Bakersfield, of course, but we both know you’ll end up at Senate.

Center Of Mainstrasse

Entire home, 7 guests, 4 beds, $225/night

The all-star feature of this three-story BnB is its outdoor space, including a first-level patio and a rooftop deck with a few of downtown Cincinnati. And with Brent Spence construction mercifully concluded, choosing this Mainstrasse home just got a whole lot easier. Not that you’ll need to cross the river, as Mainstrasse has plenty of bars, restaurants, and boutiques — not to mention charming architecture — to keep you occupied.

South Of Central

Entire home, 4 guests, 2 beds, $500/night

Located near City Hall on the western end of Piatt Park, this is a great option if you’re too cool for OTR but still wanna stay the urban basin. It’s just minutes from Washington Park to the north and The Banks to the south. But with 14” ceilings, splendiferous amenities, and such a large amount of space, you might fare just as well partying back at the BnB.

Prospect Hill Part Deux

Entire home, 6 guests, 3 beds, $265/night

Its high wing-back chairs, plush beige sofas, and dark surfaces make this spacious Prospect Hill BnB a beautiful hodgepodge. More beautiful still are the patio views, which sweep across Mt. Adams and Walnut Hills. And there’s a gym, too, which will come in handy in the morning. Because science says there’s no better hangover cure than a little cardio.

Walnut Hills Penthouse

Entire home, 6 guests, 2 beds, $149/night

You don’t hear the word “penthouse” thrown around much these days, but it certainly fits this vast Eden Park BnB. The living space is open-formant, without a divider between family and dining areas. That means the same enormous windows that illuminate one illuminate the other, to the benefit of all their exquisite decorations. A rooftop deck and easy access to the Mirror Lake put this place over the edge.

Hitting The Sweet Spot In Newport

Entire home, 3 beds, $250/night

This is the goldilocks BnB of this list, and for my money the best designed. Rich room colors. Furniture that’s minimal and stylish. Faded wall art that actually improves upon the exposed masonry trope. Modern finishes in the kitchen, too. I dunno. This isn’t the stuff of cartoonish double-takes. But it’s livable, and it’s interesting, and it just sort of feels right.

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Check out the gallery above for photos of each BnB featured above.