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LOCATION: Namibia / TIP: Be bold! Travel is about getting out of your comfort zone and going someplace uniquely beautiful, intriguing, daring, rewarding, relaxing, and otherwise different than your day-to-day. So don’t follow the herd. / Image: Chez Chesak // Published: 4.19.19

Four Hot Summer Travel Tips Ohio Bloggers Want You to Know

Most of us have spent all year daydreaming about summer vacation, and now it’s time to finally book it! Make it the best trip yet with these four summer travel tips from Ohio travel bloggers.

1. Always Plan Well Ahead of Time

The thing to remember about summertime traveling is that everyone else is probably traveling, too. School is out, families have more time together, and there are some great holidays to celebrate and/or use as an extra day to extend your trip. So plan early!

By planning early, you are more likely to get the time off of work, especially around holidays like July 4th and Memorial Day. You’ll also have more time to budget for your trip, as summer is typically high season for traveling and more expensive.

-Kat Weiss Butler, founder of World Wide Honeymoon

2. Be Bold

Travel is about getting out of your comfort zone, about getting off the couch and going someplace uniquely beautiful, intriguing, daring, rewarding, relaxing, and otherwise different than your day-to-day. So don’t follow the herd.

Go to that place for which your heart is calling. Everyone else is going to Cancun, but you want to go to Chiapas instead? Then go. Your annual trip is always to South Carolina, but you’ve always wanted to see South Dakota? Then GO. Everyone else talks about Paris, but you really want to see Oslo? THEN GO. Not only will you actually fulfill your own needs, dreams, and desires by being bold, but you might also save some money, too. After all, if you’re following the crowd, it’s generally going to cost you more.

-Chez Chesak, freelance travel writer/travel & outdoor trade consultant

3. Schedule Your Dinner Around the Sunset

If you are heading to the beach this summer, you’re probably hoping to see some beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the ocean. What’s a more romantic setting than watching the sunset while enjoying a lovely meal?

My suggestion is to look up what oceanfront restaurants are available near your destination. Then, before making your reservation, look up what time the sun will set using a website such as That way, you can schedule your reservation for the perfect time to ensure you’ll be watching a gorgeous sunset over the ocean while you wait for your entrees.

-Theresa McKinney, travel blogger at Fueled by Wanderlust

4. Up Your Travel Photography Game

I was raising my phone to take a photo after my first scuba dive and I’ll never forget that moment—not because the underwater scenery had been so phenomenal (actually, our dive instructor told us it was the worst conditions he’d seen in seven years), but because a fellow passenger on the boat gave me the most simple and exquisite piece of travel advice I’ve received to this day: “Always straighten your horizon lines. A crooked horizon line will make even the best travel photos look amateur.”

Once you start noticing this, all the photos with slanted horizons posted on social media will begin to drive you crazy, but that’s the price you pay for upping your travel photography game. Even if you don’t get the horizon line right in the shot, a quick edit on your phone will straighten it out in a jiffy.

I’ll leave you with one extra piece of travel advice: download the Google Photos app to your phone (it’s free) and upload your vacation photos every night when you return to the hotel. Then, whether you leave your phone in a taxi in Berlin, Sri Lanka, or Bogota (between my husband and I, we’ve done all three), accidentally drop it in the ocean, or just good old-fashioned smash it on your travels, your irreplaceable photos and memories will be safe in the cloud where they belong instead of gone for good.

-Di Minardi (that’s me!), travel blogger at Slight North

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