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People's Liberty headquarters are located in the Globe Building, across from Findlay Market (1805 Elm Street Cincinnati, OH 45202). - Image: Clay Griffith, Cincinnati Refined

People's Liberty Is Re-envisioning Civic Engagement

People's Liberty is a philanthropic lab
that brings together civic-minded talent
to address challenges and uncover opportunities
to accelerate the positive transformation of Greater Cincinnati.

People's Liberty invests directly in individuals through funding and mentorship,
creating a new, replicable model for grantmakers in other cities.


In layman's terms:

People's Liberty is investing in Cincy by investing in its people. (... Specifically those individuals with the type of game-changing ideas, visions, and projects that have the potential to enhance the collective experience of living in the Queen City.)

What that means:

The PL folks are retooling the traditional framework of civic investment. Traditionally, grant money is channeled through pre-existing organizations (which, of course, can range from gigundous to teensy, from age-old to babe-in-the-woods).Well, the PL approach redirects those resources, along with a respectable amount of support, guidance, and infrastructure, into individual citizens. Think of it as crowd-sourced (though still deeply vetted & curated) social improvement.

What THAT means:

If you (or anyone you know, for that matter) is in possession of a concept that just might ripple a fair amount of goodness, activation, and connection into what life in Cincinnati looks, feels, and moves like... I think you just found your home.

For a bit of extra inspiration, check out what PL's currently got in the works. From Haile Fellowships Start Small & MUSICLi to a multitude of other projects, the roster is jam-packed with smart, compassionate bada$$ery.

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If you'd like to learn more about People's Liberty, visit