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Jessie Casey, Daisha Horton, and Jonny Casey / Image: Katie Robinson, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 11.13.19

A Spa Day in This OTR Grooming Salon Would Have Any Tail Wagging

Something you don’t typically say when you walk into a pet grooming salon: “It smells good in here!”

But that’s exactly what I exclaim upon entering Wüf Pet Spa in Over-the-Rhine, breathing in all the fruity, fresh goodness rather than traces of dirty dog as expected.

The shop’s visually and audibly pleasant, too, with a bright, clean aesthetic matched with a quiet and soft atmosphere. Again—not like most rowdy dog groomers.

That was the goal owners and married duo, Jonny & Jessie Casey, had in mind when opening the shop in June 2019—to run a luxurious pet salon that caters to dogs in a stress-free environment.

The Caseys respond to my good smelling compliment by telling me how their refreshing vibe is intentional because it keeps their doggo clients at ease. Owners have even reported that their fur babies aren’t nearly as timid or nervous when they return to Wüf Pet Spa because of their relaxing experience they've become accustomed to.


When Jonny’s dog, Starr, died after 19 years of companionship, he wanted to find another way to engage with dogs.

“When my pet passed away, I realized I really wanted to give back to pets,” says Jonny. “She was there for me through a lot of stuff.”

He ended up getting a job in a grooming salon and fell in love with the gig.

Jessie had been studying to be a vet tech and also had an interest in styling human hair. She soon discovered dog grooming came close to fulfilling both of those ambitions.

The two met in a grooming program at PetSmart where Johnny was the manager at the time. Fast-forward to today, years later, and the two are married with two kids running a pet spa together. It was dog destiny


The salon tailors to each dog when it comes to treatments, using non-toxic and biodegradable products. The Caseys groom each dog from start to finish to ensure a personalized experience with proper attention to detail and comfort.

And to keep the dogs extra comfortable, they employ a pick-up policy. Groomers will contact the owners to let them know what time they’ll be wrapping up, and if the dog is waiting for more than an hour after the call, a $15 charge will be added to the fee. They don't have to use the kennels if the owner is able to arrive within 15 minutes.

If owners are unable to pick-up their polished pooches within the time frame, they can pay the $15 upfront for the dog to hang out at the salon for the day. But with limited kennel space, the Caseys try to offer boarding sparingly.

“We don’t want a ton of ‘paw’ traffic. We try to keep it low stress,” says Jessie.

And with their prime Over-the-Rhine location, mere steps from Findlay Market and other shops and restaurants in the neighborhood, it typically isn’t hard for owners to stay occupied during their dog’s services.

With every appointment, the pup receives a blueberry facial, nail grinding, and then strut out the door with leave-in conditioning products after their session—all of which are complimentary treatments.

Add-on services include Creative Coloring to dye your dog’s hair with temporary or permanent colors. Daisha Horton is the stylist who is the color pro at the salon. Perks like nail painting, nourishing nose and toe creams, and deep-sea mineral mud baths are also offered in the spa at affordable prices and in very talented, caring hands.

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Visit Wüf Pet Spa to schedule your dog’s appointment and follow them on Instagram to see more examples of their services on friendly, furry clients.