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The World Ultimate Club Championships are taking place July 14-21 in Cincinnati. Well, Lebanon. Well, Mason. It’s pretty much Lebanon, though the opening and closing nights are taking place at Mason High School. 128 teams from 36 countries are competing in men’s, women’s, and mixed divisions for the prize of being the best ultimate team. This is not disc golf. This is ultimate. Tickets are $5 per day. LOCATION: 900 McClure Road, Lebanon, Ohio (45035) / Image: Leah Zipperstein, Cincinnati Refined // Published: 7.16.18

Forget The World Cup, Cincinnati Is Hosting The World Ultimate Championships Right Now

Ultimate frisbee is not disc golf. It’s ultimate.

What’s ultimate? Just the greatest sport ever. But really, it is. Ultimate combines speed, strength, spirit of the game, and endurance into one impressive display of athleticism.

The basics of the game are pretty straightforward: It’s 7 vs. 7 on the approximate size of a soccer field. You have to catch the disc inside the “end zone” for a score. You cannot run with the disc. Once you catch the disc, you must stop your momentum and establish a pivot foot. It's a non-contact sport, so intentionally or not, if you make contact with someone else, it's considered a foul. There are men’s divisions, women’s divisions, and mixed divisions, the last of which typically consists of four men and three women on the field per team. You play to a predetermined point total to determine the length of the game. Usually it’s anywhere between 15-19.

Also, what’s really cool about ultimate is that it’s an international sport—so international, in fact, that there’s a World Ultimate Club Championships every four years. Guess where it’s happening this year? Come on guess.

If you said Cincinnati—more specifically, Lebanon—then you must be in the ultimate community. Because heck yeah, that’s exactly where the WUCC is going down, and it’s happening now through Saturday, July 21. There are 128 teams from 36 countries participating. Four years ago, Worlds took place in Lecco, Italy. Four years before that, they were in Prague. Now it’s Cincinnati’s turn.

If you’re itching to see what this sport is all about (clue: pure awesome), then make the trek up I-71 this week. It’ll be worth it. Tickets are only $5. You can get within spitting distance of the players. There’s also a MadTree beer tent. This is Cincinnati, after all.

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The World Ultimate Club Championships (July 14-21) are taking place at the Lebanon Sports Complex, with the finals on Saturday, July 21 at Wall 2 Wall Soccer in Mason. The finals have moved indoors due to the weather.