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Downtown's Retail Scene Just Took A Giant Leap Forward With The New Woods Hardware Store

I'm a resident of the inner city and have been for years. While there are many things to adore about the core, it has some drawbacks. The biggest being specific, one-stop-shop retail stores only seem to exist outside of Downtown. It’s something we (the urban core dwellers) have dealt with for quite some time.

Look up “annoying” in Merriam-Webster, and you’ll see a photo of us shrugging in the middle of Fountain Square with little thought bubbles over our heads filled with pictures of stuff we need.

And while it was once a hub for shopping, Downtown today is a neutered version of its former retail-centric self. I've always loathed how Staples is all the way up on Reading, Acme had limited offerings, and needing anything for the kitchen (prior to Artichoke's opening) required having to walk three miles to the Newport Target or taking a trip in the car.

And I really hate the car. (No offense, Target.)

Thankfully, Downtown is seeing a revival of its once-lamented retail scene. And on Ninth Street, in an old building that was once the headquarters for the Republican Club of Cincinnati, a new business set up shop and has become the panacea for nearly all my weekly needs.

(In Richard Attenborough’s Jurassic Park voice) Welcome to Woods Hardware.

Hub+Weber Architects PLC transformed the formerly-vacant building into my favorite new store in the core. In the first week alone, I went there four times. This’ll sound dramatic (because it is), but I teared up in aisle 12 when I realized we had a neighborhood shop offering as much as it does. My receipts that week illustrate a healthy cross section of the variety of products Woods offers:

  1. Dog treats
  2. AAA batteries
  3. An electric griddle
  4. Command Strips
  5. Laundry detergent
  6. A notebook
  7. A towel rack
  8. A Diet Coke

Alright, I might not have illustrated how much hardware this place has. With everything from hammers to plumbing equipment to shelves of screws, nuts, nails, and bolts... And don't forget about paint, ladders, toilet seats, hinges, and all that building material jazz. This restored building in Downtown Cincinnati is the place to get almost everything you’d need to restore more old buildings in Downtown Cincinnati.

Amazing, right?

But maybe the greatest thing Woods Hardware offers is a solution; a solution to all of those shrugging, formerly-car-driving people on Fountain Square with needs that weren’t met until now.


Woods Hardware is located at 125 E. Ninth Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.