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Urban Blooms' Living Wall gardens add color, energy, and life to any interior or exterior space. Here is an Urban Blooms installation inside the mayor's office at City Hall. / Image courtesy of J. Miles Wolf // Published: 2.19.17

Urban Blooms Is Here To Revolutionize Your Space With "Living Walls"

What if I told you there's a team leading the Queen City to becoming the most sustainable city in America?

Hopefully you’d believe me (because you totally should).

Tyler Wolf and Lily Turner are the co-founders of Urban Blooms, a local nonprofit organization on a mission to incorporate technology, design, and community to transform Cincinnati into a vibrant, blooming cityscape.

They do this in a myriad of ways; one of their most notable avenues is in horticultural masterpieces called Living Walls. The walls are vertical garden installations designed for both interior and exterior spaces, feature a lush variety of locally-sourced plant species (herbs included), and offer countless benefits.

And trust me when I say these walls are as breathtaking as they are life-giving.

The walls are magnificent in person. Patrons of E+O Kitchen and visitors of the mayor’s office at City Hall can see the permanent projects proudly on display.

The Living Walls aren’t strictly for public places either. Urban Blooms completed a two-story wall inside a private residence that features over 500 living plants!


Not only do the installations bring color and energy to a space, but they're also self-sustaining and low maintenance. The hydroponic systems work by using a recycled felt material, which acts as the plants’ soil, and utilize a built-in, automatic irrigation system and fertilizer injector to keep the living art thriving.

Wolf and Turner monitor each wall after installation and only check in on them monthly once they're established. In the meantime, the plants are busy filtering the air, lowering stress, and improving the space around them.

The pricing for an installation can run between $80 and $120 per square foot and over time will help reduce energy costs.


It's about more than Living Walls. The Urban Blooms co-founders are also working tirelessly to educate the community about functional, sustainable living. "How?" you ask. Well, the dynamic duo is doing it through pop-up installations at local events, working in tandem with school programs, and community gardens.

And the team has a busy year ahead, including work on the largest Living Wall installation in Ohio. The two-story project will be on display at the Corryville Kroger and will feature 22 different species of plants.


Ready to put a Living Wall in your home or office? Learn more at Urban Blooms' website.