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The Universoul Circus’ “We Are ONE 25th Anniversary Tour” is a show that spans the globe. Its mission is to inspire with multicultural performances and a message of unity. The stunning acrobatics don't hurt either! Performances run through September 3. ADDRESS: 2250 E. Seymour Avenue (45212) / Image: Sherry Lachelle Photography // Published: 8.28.18

The UniverSoul Circus Brings Incredible Global Performances to Cincy

Perhaps there’s a cadence to every circus. Even if there is, no circus has the cadence of this one.

First you’re watching dancers from the Caribbean, then acrobats from Mongolia. Later, you’re out of your seat to a troupe of galloping horsemen. Then you’re sitting back and beaming at the gymnasts and stilts-walkers.

It’s a show that spans the globe. It’s a show that excels in talent and spectacle. It is, rather unmistakably, UniverSoul Circus.

How good a word is “circus” to describe it? Though it does feature acrobatics and live animals—camels, zebras, ponies, and elephants—the show also includes theatre, comedy, music, and dashes of pop culture.

Music being the most important element. There’s pop, classic R&B, Latin, hip hop, jazz, and gospel. It plays through the acts like a vibrant, electrifying soundtrack. It serves as a constant reminder that this thing you’re watching really is universal in name as well as in fact.

All the while you’re brimming with something, though you don’t quite know how to phrase it. Thankfully the ring master does. Like a pastor, he spreads the message that everyone belongs, that everyone is unique, and that everyone is deserving of love.

Part of the show’s mission is to inspire folks who may need inspiring with multicultural performances and an uplifting message. As for what that message is, it’s perhaps best summed up by what the show’s operators decided to name its 25th anniversary tour. It’s the “We Are ONE” tour, and it’s the most wholesome thing you can do with your family in Cincinnati this week.

It also happens to be the most fun.

  • WHAT: UniverSoul Circus’ “We Are ONE 25th Anniversary Tour”
  • WHERE: Across from the old Cincinnati Gardens at 2250 E. Seymour Avenue (45212)
  • WHEN: Performances run through September 3
  • TICKETS: Here

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For more information on UniverSoul Circus, visit their website.