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This incredible Cyber Monday deal will allow you to preserve your memories as museum-quality wall art while supporting a local business. / Image courtesy of SpringDot

This Local Cyber Monday Deal Will Turn Your Memories Into Museum-Quality Art

In this Snapchat world we live in, where everyone seems intent on making memories as ephemeral as possible, Cincinnati’s very own SpringDot is taking the opposite tract – and we we couldn’t be more impressed with the results.

Say hello to SpringFrames. (Brand confusion alert: SpringFrames are the product I’m about to drop some knowledge bombs about, SpringDot is the awesome company behind them.)

SpringFrames are museum-quality wall art printed on archival-quality canvas paper (i.e. really good canvas paper). They’re vastly more affordable than the museum-quality wall art you’ll find elsewhere, and they’re truly gorgeous.

Check out this video to see what I’m talking about.

What makes them gorgeous? Well, they’re highly color-accurate, the images are vividly crisp and clear, the canvas produces minimal glare, and the UV-resistant ink ensures they won’t fade. Impressive.

More impressive is the weight – or lack thereof. SpringFrames are made using durable, lightweight paperboard frames. The result is they’re so light you can hang them using double-sidled tape.

Here’s the best part: SpringDot (remember, maker of SpringFrames) is having a Cyber Monday sale on these gorgeous suckers. That means FREE SHIPPING (sorry, caps lock off) on your SpringFrame prints.

All you have to do is pick a size, upload a photo, and crop it to fit. Then go through the online checkout, get that FREE SHIPPING (man, my caps lock key just will not behave), and wait for your wall art to arrive in the mail.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift from you to others, or the perfect Christmas gift from you to yourself.

Now head to their website and start decorating your walls in memories made to last.

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SpringFrames are made by SpringDot, a 113-year-old company founded and based in Cincinnati. SpringDot is located at 2611 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45214.

Learn more about SpringFrames at Or check out SpringDot’s fascinating company history at the SpringDot website.