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Who'da thunk you could rock out to some of the best 80s covers around while giving back to the community? That's The Rusty Ball, and you should definitely go. / Image: Mike Bresnen Photography

Here's Why The Rusty Ball Is One Of Our Favorite Events Of The Year

The Rusty Ball’s recipe is pretty simple.

First, hold an incredible concert event where thousands can rock out to the best of the '80s. Second, divide all proceeds from that event among 80 local charities that benefit our community.

Then repeat every year... for nine years.

That’s The Rusty Ball. (Buy tickets here.)

And if you’ve been, then you know that description doesn’t break the surface of what makes this event a "must attend" of the season.

Because here’s the thing: The Rusty Ball might be a charity buffet, an opportunity to take your beer money and reinvest it in Cincinnati. But it also happens to feature one of the best, most energetic concerts of the year.


If you’re going, here’s why: The Rusty Griswold’s are incredible. I’ve been three times, and I’m not exaggerating. Heck, I’m barely lukewarm about '80s power ballads and even I was getting solidly into their Queen and Journey covers.

For my money they’re the best band in the area, and they’ve been voted as such by our friends at City Beat since... forever.


While everyone’s been busy getting down to The Rusty Griswolds for the last nine years, The Rusty Ball has raised almost $3 million for charities in Greater Cincinnati.

That might not register with you, but what that means is this: Your Rusty Ball good times (sorry, great times) are helping local nonprofits bring compassionate care, educational necessities, and community redevelopment to our wonderful city.

Yeah, I can think of worse things to do with my beer money.

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Save the date for Saturday, Oct. 15. Here’s that ticket link again.

Want to learn more about The Rusty Ball? Check out their website. The Spirit of Cincinnatus? Here’s theirs. The Rusty Griswolds? You guessed it.