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The Giving Tee is the brainchild of Brianne Creamer, a graphic artist who uses her talent to create stylish t-shirts to raise money exclusively for countless non-profits. Visit to check out more of what they have to offer. / Image courtesy of the Giving Tee Inkery // Published: 10.17.16

This T-Shirt Company Was Founded On The Principle Of Giving Back To The Community

A year ago, proud Northern Kentucky resident Brianne Creamer had a game-changing idea for a t-shirt company. She quit her corporate graphic design job, formed the (awesomely named) Giving Tee Inkery, and set up shop online. (That’s her stuff up top.)

Pretty cool, right? It gets decidedly cooler.

The Giving Tee works exclusively with nonprofits. All those designs you see above... Well, those are created in consultation with specific non-profit partners. And those are just a few of the designs Creamer has created. In all, the Giving Tee works with 28 nonprofits and has produced dozens of graphically appealing tees for them.

As if that weren’t sufficiently laudable, the nonprofit partners pay nothing for the shirts. The Giving Tee makes the design available online, then returns 50 percent of the proceeds to its non-profit partners in the form of a donation.

But that’s just what happens behind the scenes. To you, me, and pretty much everyone else, the Giving Tee is just a t-shirt store. But it's not just a t-shirt store, ya know? Even if you didn't know about the stuff above, they’d still be a great place to get a kickin’ graphic tee. Because their tees are custom designed, comprise the softest materials, and are made stateside to ensure the labor is fair, the materials are safe, and the product is high quality.

Then again, you add in the nonprofit thing and this idea has even longer legs.


Creamer’s next great idea was to create the Apple Collection, consisting of stylish apparel and merchandise that's not permanently tied to a single nonprofit. Rather, proceeds from the Apple Collection are shared with nonprofits of Creamer’s choice.

The nonprofits are selected on a quarterly basis, with the current nonprofit being the UK-based Helping Rhinos. You can find the Helping Rhinos apparel here, or peruse the entire Apple Collection here.

Where'd they get the “Apple” in the Apple Collection moniker? It’s from The Giving Tree, of course. Just another way Creamer integrates the concept of giving back with her new and growing company.

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Want to know more about the Giving Tee Inkery? Check out the website.