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The Campfire Experience is a luxury adventuring & rental company based in Ohio. / Images courtesy of The Campfire Experience / Published: 10.24.16

Even The Least Outdoorsy Folk Will Learn To Love The Wilderness After This...

If you’ve ever swooned over a dreamy, hippie-chic Anthropologie catalog and thought to yourself “I wanna be there,” then this is for you. Today, we’re bringing you The Campfire Experience and there’s no “roughing it” around here.

So what exactly is this camping thing you speak of?
It’s kind of anything you want it to be. It's an extravagant adventuring brand that offers retro teardrop campers and furnished bell tents for rental.

Calling all free spirits!
They cater to “free spirits and adventurous souls who don’t want to sacrifice comfort for connection,” according to the owner, Amy Gillespie. She created it with a few types of people in mind: those who live in the moment, those who value experiences above possessions, and for those looking to get out and experience the world. Their goal is to connect people to nature, themselves, and others.

Back up, how’d this whole thing start?
As a lover of music festivals, camping, and exploring, Amy searched for an upgraded camping experience; when that was nowhere to be found, she created it. Her goal was to help people get to the good stuff (in other words, the moments when the work of setting up camp is done and you’re left to simply feel the warmth of a fire, hear it crackle, and enjoy the hum of the outdoors).

Alright, I’m ready for s’mores. What can I do?
The options with The Campfire Experience are nearly endless. From weekend getaways to work outings, Amy’s business adds a touch of sweet nostalgia and much-desired comfort for the "tiny adventuring movement."

Wanna know the best news yet?
On October 28, The Campfire Experience is partnering with Goose Island & Gorman Heritage Farm for a craft beer experience right here in Cincinnati. And let me tell ya, it’ll be quite the experience. From beer lounges and live music to s’mores and a secret bar tucked inside a yurt (yep, a yurt), there is no shortage of merriment here.

Ready for some Kumbaya-ing and ghost stories around the fire? Take a peek at the gallery to get all the outdoorsy, camping feels.


Ready to start your ultimate camping adventure? The Campfire Experience wants you around their fire.